How to Make Employees Stay: Employee Retention Tips

How to Make Employees Stay: Employee Retention Tips
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As the economy rebounds and employees have more freedom to leave their current position, employee retention tips will help you keep your workforce. Although there are many ways to retain employees, it is often simply a matter of employee motivation and sense of worth.

Tip 1: Show Respect

There is always a hierarchy of authority and rank, but regardless of where your employee falls on that scale, it is essential to show him or her professional respect. Every job is important, and therefore every employee is, too. Treat each one accordingly.

Tip 2: Good Package

No job is perfect, so one important employee retention tip is to make the most of things. Despite whatever the less attractive aspects of your business are, try to create an employment package that makes the best of it and creates incentive to work for you. You may offer yearly employee perks and health benefits to your staff.

Tip 3: Balance Work and Personal Life

family life

No one wants to feel like he is a slave to his employer. Another employee retention tip is to create an environment that encourages your employees to have a life outside of work; this goes a long way toward making them feel like their happiness matters. Encourage employees to have hobbies, quality family time, etc. That can only lead to happiness, in and out of the workplace.

Tip 4: Employee Empowerment

One common complaint is that employees feel over managed. Instead of standing over your employees, adopt an approach that makes it clear you hired the right people and that they are capable of doing anything their job requires. Empower your workforce, don’t overpower them.

Tip 5: Know What Your Employees are Capable Of

So much of employee retention involves whether your employees feel like they are doing a good job–that they are in the right position. This starts with you. An employee retention tip is to give them the work that suits their skill sets and make it clear you know they are capable.

Tip 6: Flexibility of Working Hours

A little goes a long way with your employees. Being flexible with work hours shows that you care. Letting someone come in late so they can take their children to school, for example, shows you care about what is important to them and you’re willing to meet their needs.

Tip 7: Treat Employees as Family


Treating every employee like family is unlikely, but at least treat them like people. Develop a personal connection with your employees. If you show you care, your employees will care about you. It’s harder to leave when you have feelings involved.

Tip 8: Continuous Training

continuous training

As discussed, employee retention strategies involve motivation and empowerment. To that end, offer training programs that allow your employees to constantly improve and become more valuable. Also, offer programs that help employees improve their personal lives, such as wellness programs for employees. Providing continuous training will help them grow and they will likely stick with your company for a longer period.

Tip 9: Involve Employees in Decision Making

Empower employees by involving them in decisions. Allow your employees to give their opinion and show they matter. This helps employees feel like they are a part of the company, not just employees. You never know, you may actually end up getting a great idea from them.

Tip 10: Ongoing communication

Talk to your employees. It is the easiest way to gauge their satisfaction and the easiest way to provide assurance you want them to stay.

These employee retention tips may not keep every employee from leaving, but they will help create an environment that encourages employees to stay. You just need to be a little creative and plan unique employee benefits for employee retention.