Monthly Employee Feedback Forms Can Encourage Your Employees to Be More Productive!

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What Are Monthly Employee Feedback Forms?

There has been much research done to demonstrate that employee feedback and performance reviews can increase the productivity and effectiveness of your staff. By incorporating monthly employee feedback forms into your repertoire of human resources tools, you can have a concrete plan for acknowledging employee strengths, harnessing and controlling employee resources, and taking employee discipline by the reins.

Monthly employee feedback forms need not be fancy. The important part of the form will be providing the employee with information about where he or she performed well over the month, where he or she did not perform well, and steps to improve the performance of the employee. Such feedback is especially important when you are working with new, or inexperienced, employees; however, don’t overlook the benefits of monthly feedback for a veteran staff - it may be just the thing to reignite motivation in an otherwise lackluster staff.

Sample Monthly Employee Feedback Form

You can find a sample monthly employee feedback form for your convenience located in the Bright Hub Human Resources media channel. You may download and use this form as a template or just download the form to follow along with this article.

The first part of the feedback form will be typical identifying information that you will find on any form for individual employees. Especially if you run a large human resources department, this information will be vital to being able to effectively incorporate monthly employee feedback into your company - and to make sure that the monthly feedback is filed properly. The top portion of any employee feedback form should include:

  • Date of review
  • Name of employee and employee ID if necessary
  • Department the employee works in
  • Employee hire date
  • Employee status
  • Employee’s direct supervisor

The next section will be a simple summary of the employee’s performance over the course of the month. Record the main activities and responsibilities the employee has taken on during the previous month. This section shouldn’t have any evaluative language in it.

The third section of the monthly employee feedback form will discuss the employee’s strengths during the previous month. Be specific here. If the employee regularly finished tasks on time, recognize it here! Be sure that you provide positive feedback for every employee, this will encourage the employee to work harder during the next month. If you cannot find something positive to say, you might want to reconsider why this employee is working for your company.

The fourth section of the form will focus on employee deficiencies for the previous month. Try to pose the employee’s need for improvement in positive terms, if you are too critical, then you will run the risk of alienating your employees.

Finally, in the meeting you’ll want to work with the employee to come up with some goals to work on in the coming month. Capitalize on the employee’s strengths, and work to minimize the employee’s weaknesses.

Implementing Monthly Employee Feedback into Your Organization

Implementing monthly employee feedback into your organization does not have to be difficult. By taking steps to include monthly feedback into your routines, you can increase productivity. There are a few ways you can manage the feedback process: You can have the employee’s supervisor fill out the form, you can have the employee self-report, or you can have human resources take care of the review. Make time every month to meet with employees to review their performance and create goals for the upcoming month. By doing this, not only will you be making it easier to perform performance reviews at the end of the year, but you will also find that it encourages greater employee productivity and motivation.