Woes and Disadvantages of Online Recruiting

Woes and Disadvantages of Online Recruiting
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As the Internet becomes more influential in the lives of all individuals, placing job ads online is steadily becoming the norm for employers, but some are still hesitant to go down this path due to the disadvantages of online recruiting. It is in fact very easy and hassle free for employers to hire people online since they do not have to leave the convenience of their office in order to look for qualified candidates. All they have to do is to post their job requirements on their website and applicants will start coming in. So, what are the real disadvantages?

Excess Applicants

Since the Internet is available for everyone to utilize, it is very difficult to limit the number of people who apply to the job that you posted. Even unqualified individuals will try to take a stab in the hopes of landing the job. Due to this, it is necessary to weed out extraneous applicants and along with this, you have to actually sort out the qualified ones. This makes the recruitment process more tedious and this is one of the major disadvantages of online recruiting.

Specialized Jobs

Another of the big disadvantages of online recruiting is that it isn’t that effective when you are trying to fill a highly-specialized position. Chances are, the people reading your online job posting will not meet the qualifications. The reason for this is that there are only so many people with the specific job competencies you are looking for. So chances are, the perfect candidates will already be employed and not be actively looking for a new position. This is especially true when they know that highly-specialized jobs rarely pop-up.

Decreased Personal Interaction

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One of the main disadvantages of online recruiting is the decreased personal interaction you have with your applicants. Yes, searching the Internet for potential candidates makes it very easy, but you don’t get to talk to candidates and have face to face interviews. Whatever others say, an actual conversation and personal meetings are far better than emails and chatting, especially when filling a job is the main agenda.

Technical Problems

Some applicants may not have immediate access to the Internet, so they won’t be able to check the status of their online application frequently. This can be one of the definite disadvantages of online recruiting. In other cases, it could be that the Internet in the applicant’s area is not as stable and it would be very difficult for them to go online. There are some places that do not have steady Internet connections and the applicant may not have access for days at a time.

Delayed Communication

Although the Internet is now available almost everywhere, one of the problems of online recruiting is that there are still applicants who are not online 24/7. You may not be able to reach them when necessary since they are not connected to the Net. When they do not provide phone numbers, it can be quite difficult to get in touch with these individuals. Although it is their responsibility to go online to check the status of their application (since they DID apply online), some forget that they have online applications that need to be checked.

With that said, there are many places where you can find great workers. You just need to be creative and look at the right place.