Employee Training Schedule Template

Employee Training Schedule Template
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The effectiveness of any training program depends on how well the employees have been informed about the program and the kind of attendance the program sees. And to ensure these two things the detailed schedule of the training program must be made available to all the employees in question, well in advance of the start date of the training program. In order to make a proper training schedule, you can download a free employee training schedule template from here and use it along with the guidelines presented in this article.

The significance of a proper training schedule cannot be underestimated as this is one of the vital factors that will determine the

success of the training program. So to ensure that your training schedule provides the necessary information to the attendees, we have here some pointers on what all information must feature on the employee training schedule.

Information to be Filled in the Employee Training Schedule Template

An employee training schedule contains three important pieces of information, which are:

  1. Training Program Details: At the very top of the training schedule are the basic details about the training program such as the name of the training program, the total number of hours it will take to complete the entire training, the proposed start and end date and the name of the training coordinator who can be contacted for further information. The department, team or the individual names of the employees who are to attend the training program can also be mentioned along with this information.
  2. Training Summary: The second piece of information that the employee training schedule must provide is the basic structure of the training program. This would include the list of the different training modules that will be covered during the training program along with information on how many hours will be dedicated to each of the modules. This summary gives the attendees a basic idea about what all will be covered in the training program.
  3. Detailed Training Schedule: This is where the hourly schedule for the training program needs to be detailed out. For each day of the training program, all the topics or training sessions to be held can be mentioned under a single date. The other relevant information regarding each of the sessions such as the time, the place where the session is to be held and the name of the trainer who will be facilitating the training session can be displayed in the adjacent field.

In the employee training schedule template that can be downloaded from the above mentioned link, there is provision for only eight days in the training schedule to be displayed, but users can always add more cells to meet their needs.

The training schedule is a very useful document which can provide the concerned employees with a fair idea about what all they would be learning during the entire course of the training program, besides informing them about the basic schedule of the training program. Providing the employees with a training schedule before the training program commences will ensure that the employees are more enthusiastic about the training and that the the attendance during the sessions remains high.

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