People Management: How to Help an Employee Manage Emotions

Helping Employees Manage Emotions

Managing Emotions

One of the key challenges in effective people management for a business organization is helping employees manage emotions. In an extremely competitive business environment, employees are constantly under stress due to various reasons such as meeting sales targets, or finishing their tasks within the given deadline. When one works in such demanding conditions, it is natural that sometimes emotions can run high. Therefore, managers have a key task cut out for them.

Create an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

One of the ideal ways to help employees in situations involving personal emotions is to have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in place. This program already has a system that swings into action whenever an employee is facing an emotional crisis and needs help. Under this program, the in-house counselor of the company or the designated manager of the program can address the difficulties faced by the employee in an empathetic and intimate manner, and provide him or her with all possible assistance prescribed under the program for such situations.

Comprehensive Employee Health Insurance

It is a good idea to provide adequate coverage for employee health insurance, which may also include a provision for emotional guidance and support from a health professional trained to help in such situations. If your current employee health insurance plan does not include such a provision, you can discuss the policy with your insurance provider to explore your options. It will go a long way in ensuring the best possible emotional and mental well-being of your employees whenever they face an emotional crisis in personal or professional life.

Easy Accessibility to the Management

Create a management system that enables an easy interaction between the employees and the senior management. This is known as an “open door policy” that lets the employees approach their seniors and discuss their emotional issues and problems in confidence. If there is a communication gap between the two sides, the manager is not likely to know what his subordinates may be going through on an emotional level. Openness in communication helps to share and understand delicate issues, which can then be resolved effectively.

Periodic Seminars and Motivational Courses

The business organization must realize its responsibility toward maintaining a strong emotional health of its employees. The employees can be encouraged to attend seminars, group talks and courses from time to time that are designed to enhance the emotional strength of the participants. The company can sponsor the employees who wish to attend such events, or it can arrange such events within the company which allows maximum employees to benefit from these types of activities.

Develop Intra-organization Camaraderie

If you are looking for innovative methods, you can put in place a system whereby the managers and employees come together in an informal setting and have roundtable discussions about their professional and personal issues and concerns. Employees can be encouraged to speak freely without any fear of negative consequences for their career within the organization. Additionally, the organization should have provisions for after-hour leisure activities, official parties, day trips or picnics, and other events that create a family-like environment within the company and improve the overall emotional quotient of the organization.

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