Top 5 Games for Holiday Office Parties: Make This Year's Christmas Party Memorable! (In a Good Way)

Top 5 Games for Holiday Office Parties: Make This Year's Christmas Party Memorable! (In a Good Way)
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5 Great Ideas for Holiday Party Games

A Christmas party at the office should be one of the best events of the year to look forward to. It takes just a little creativity and imagination to turn the celebration into simply the most wonderful event at the office. A key component of this event should include some appropriate party games. Games provide an opportunity to generate goodwill and camaraderie in a diverse working group, which goes a long way in establishing a friendly office environment.

Here is a list of 5 fun games that can liven up your office Christmas party this year.

1. Christmas Movie Quiz

This is an all-time favorite for office Christmas party games, and it can be conducted with a few variations to give it a fresh feel. One option is to create and print out a quiz on Christmas movie trivia. Make several copies of the quiz and distribute it among the guests. Keep a small prize for the winner who answers the most questions correctly. Alternatively, you can conduct this quiz with one person volunteering as a quiz master. Whoever gives a correct answer first gets a small gift such as a key chain or another item.

Another interesting version of this game is to divide the party up into several smaller groups. Each group gets the opportunity to consult with each other and then come up with their answer.

2. Business Quiz or Name the Logo

You can create a quiz that involves tiny factoids about the close competitors of your company. Keep it simple and funny to ensure that every answer elicits a chuckle from the crowd.

Another alternative is to print the logos of famous companies and brands around the world and ask the participants to answer who the logo belongs to. The person or the sub-group that can guess the maximum names correctly wins a prize.

3. Guess the Christmas Song

Add some musical flavor to your party with a game that requires people to guess famous Christmas songs. You can play just the first line or just the tune of the song, and let the people guess the rest. Allow the participants to sing along if they know the song well. Select a good mix of old, new and unique Christmas songs to retain the interest of guests with different musical tastes. Consider adding in some songs that refer to other holidays celebrated at this time of year.

4. Know Your Colleagues Game

This is an ideal choice for office parties during the holidays or any time of year. Prepare in advance by sending a private email to each guest requesting trivia facts about themselves. Provide them with examples such as, “I love to sing Christmas carols,” or “I have played Santa once in the past five years,” and so on. Then you can announce each person’s list of trivia to the guests and let them make a guess as to who it could be. This can generate plenty of laughter and warmth at the party and at the same time allow everyone to get to know each other better.

5. Santa Hat Observation Game

Create a great mood for your office Christmas party by distributing Santa hats to all the guests. Each guest is required to wear the hat for as long as you or the conductor of the game wears it. As the party progresses, most people are likely to forget about this game and may fail to notice as the conductor of the game quietly removes his or her hat. The last person who gets caught with his or her hat on is the loser. You may want to present a special prize to the “lower” of the game.