What Methods are Used to Enhance Employee Morale?

What Methods are Used to Enhance Employee Morale?
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An important part of managing your business is to know what methods are used to enhance employee morale and motivate them to give out their best performance for the company. The difference between a good and a great business organization is usually the motivation level of the employees and their passion and loyalty for the company. There have been several tools, techniques and methods employed by different companies to achieve a high level of employee morale throughout the organization.

Providing Meaningful Job Design

The primary method used to enhance employee morale begins at the fundamental level of providing for a relevant job design and the more appropriate role and responsibility to each employee. The job and the position must be defined in way that it makes the employee feel that he is doing something that is crucial for the company’s success. It helps the employee to value his or her job and achieve a higher level of job satisfaction. Even when the nature of job involves a team effort, every single employee must feel that they are a valuable part of the team, performing a unique and well-defined role that contributes to the team effort in a substantive way.

Delegate Authority and Responsibility

A decentralized business organization tends to achieve its mission and objectives in a far more efficient manner than a highly centralized organization where the employees may feel removed from the core of the business. Delegation of authority and responsibility is a way of employee empowerment . When an employee has a higher decision-making power, it is a major boost for the morale and enthusiasm to perform his or her job with greater commitment and care. The sense of achievement is very high among the employees that work in a decentralized and democratic internal business environment.

Allow Opportunity for Innovation and Creativity

The business organization that creates conditions for the employees to express their innovative ideas and creativity in different ways can expect to have more energetic and motivated employees. Allowing room for creativity, experimentation and imagination is one of the best methods used to enhance employee morale by smart business organizations. This makes the employee feel more personally connected with the company and its corporate mission.

Provide Training to Upgrade Employee Skills

Another in our list of what methods are used to enhance employee morale is to provide them adequate opportunities to improve and upgrade their skills and qualifications along with the job. This can be done by conducting in-house training sessions, classes or seminars periodically, or by sponsoring external training of the deserving employees. On one hand this method leads to a greater employee morale and improved loyalty toward the organization, and on the other hand the upgraded skills of the employee can be put to better use for the organization to achieve its business objectives.

Recognition for the Deserving Employees

Acknowledgment, recognition and honor are excellent motivators for any human being. Therefore, any special achievements or exceptional performance of an individual or a team or a department within the organization must be given its due recognition. Their achievements should be applauded publicly and some awards, presents or appreciation certificates must be handed out as a mark of recognition for their achievements for the company.

Fair and Innovative Monetary Motivation Schemes

Modern management theorists are giving more importance to non-monetary motivation methods, but the significance of monetary methods to enhance employee morale cannot be undermined. Both types of methods must work in tandem with each other to achieve best results. The monetary rewards for superior performance must be devised in a fair and objective manner so that every employee gets equal opportunity to gain from them. The schemes should be innovative and contemporary in keeping with the changing needs and aspirations of today’s employees.

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