Employee Coaching: Wasted Money or Investment?

Employee Coaching: Wasted Money or Investment?
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Highly qualified employees are the key to success in every field of business. Yet, many employers still do not see the benefits employee coaching can have for them and their company. Here are some great reasons for having your employees attend coaching:

  1. Coaching your employees in reclamation management can improve the satisfaction of your clients. If they feel their reclamations are taken seriously and dealt with by qualified employees and with the utmost care, they will more likely forgive any mistakes you made.

  2. When you want to expand your business beyond the borders of your country, you might need to communicate in foreign languages with clients. If you prepare your employees with language courses, they will feel more confident in dealing with foreign clients which will reflect upon your business in a positive way.

  3. Conflicts can occur in every company. Most of the times, they are between colleagues and are easy to solve. Sometimes, however, a conflict grows because none of the persons involved speaks out what he thinks. None of them tries to find a solution until, at one point, it is too late to solve it without someone losing his or her face. With employee coaching in conflict management and using examples of constructive criticism, they will know how to handle a conflict before it grows too big.

  4. Finding good employees is never easy. It is even more difficult to find good employees who know exactly what your company is doing. So most new employees will need coaching to fit into the company routines.

  5. The same goes for experts. It is difficult to find experts in exactly the fields you need. Furthermore, if you need to hire additional personnel such as an expert, he

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or she will most probably ask a much higher salary than someone within your company whom you enable to attend coaching to become an expert.

  1. Coaching your employees can bind them to your company, emotionally and even contractually. If you pay for a longer coaching, for example, you can make a contract with your employee which binds him or her to your company for a certain time.

  2. During times of economic downfall, employee coaching can keep your employees busy in a useful way. You get two advantages at the same time here: Firstly, your employees do not need to sit at home or in the office without work to do and secondly, you might be ahead of your competitors when the economy gets better again because your employees are better trained.

  3. Whenever you install a new computer program, a day of training for your employees can actually save a lot of valuable time that they would otherwise need to figure out how the new program works.

Of course, it is important to find the right training for each employee. A course in Spanish would not help much for someone working in production but could help a lot for a secretary who deals with clients from South America. So prepare your employee coaching carefully to get the most benefits out of it.

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