How to Write a New Hire Justification: Be Convincing to Get What You Want

How to Write a New Hire Justification: Be Convincing to Get What You Want
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What Is a Justification Form for a New Hire?

If you’re a supervisor and have three employees working much overtime or are unable to complete daily tasks due to overload, you will eventually discover the best way to run your department efficiently is to hire another team member to ensure work is done on time.

Recruitment and new hire budgets in any size company are often strict and the manager must justify the reason a new employee is needed—hence the need for learning how to write a new hire justification request.

Convincing the HR Department

Convince Your HR Department

Before we delve into writing a new hire justification, first you need to gather some information to convince the HR department or owner of the business you do indeed need more help.

Productivity Analysis – Prepare an analysis showing how the department will improve on productivity with another person working alongside the team. Include items like savings on overtime expenditures compared to an hourly wage new hire and what the company will gain with increased output from your department. This should be the largest part of your research before writing the new hire justification. Even if the justification is to replace a terminated employee, you must convince the granting party you need the new employee to continue offering the high output level your department strives for.

Ask Your Staff – Get feedback from your current staff on what key areas are the most difficult to complete on time and why.

List Duties – Offer up the set of duties the new hire will be responsible for and explain why these duties aren’t being completed on time via the feedback you obtained from your current staff.

Wage – List the wage you wish to start the new hire and include any benefits or other expenses included if the even the new hire justification is granted. Make sure you include whether the new hire will be part or full-time.

Dates – Include the date you wish to not only bring the new hire on board but also a date you’d like to start advertising the position or posting the opening internally within the company’s job bank.

Department Approval – Make sure you offer up a space for the granting party to acknowledge and approve the new hire.

Additional Tips and Free Sample

Tips to Get the New Hire

A quick way on how to write a new hire justification is to download the free sample from our Media Gallery and modify the document to fit your needs.

Other tips to ensure you get the needed employee include:

  • Deliver the new hire justification in person to the appropriate party.
  • Follow up with the HR Department to see if they require any additional information not provided on the form.
  • Don’t call or email the granting party constantly—give them ample opportunity to review your request and ask at time of form delivery what the expected decision time will be.
  • If approved, make sure to thank the granting party.
  • Include an HR representative in helping you to advertise the job opening.

Businesses both large and small often require these types of justifications prior to allowing even the advertising of a job opening. Your best bet for winning the argument is to justify why you need the employee and how they will be able to improve your department’s productivity and lower costs in the long run.

Please be sure to check out the other tips and strategies found in Bright Hub’s HR Guide for Recruiting and Retaining Employees.


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