Example of Certificate of Employment: Free Download with Instructions

Example of Certificate of Employment: Free Download with Instructions
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All organizations need to issue certificates of employment. Such a certificate is inevitable when the employee leaves the company for any reason whatsoever, even when terminated, or having walked away from the job. An existing employee, usually new employees, may also require a certificate of employee to serve as documentary proof of employment, although pay slips also serve this purpose.

Download a sample certificate of employment from the Bright Hub media gallery. This example of certificate of employment is a simple and generic one, useful for all designations and levels.

Sample Certificate of Employment

Fill out the sample certificate of employment as follows:

Employee: Specify the employees name in full, as per the official records in the company.

Company Position: Mention the position or designation held by the employee at the time of issuing the certificate. Another approach is to have a chronological approach, specifying each designation the employee held, with duration, as a list.

Reporting to: Mention the name of the employees’ immediate supervisor. This will help prospective employers contact the correct person to make a crosscheck.

Duration of employment: Mention the date when the employee first joined the company, regardless of the designation, as the start date. Mention the employees last working day in the company as the end date. If the employee still works for the company, mention so. If an employee worked part time first before converting to full time, separate the two types of employment, and mention the start date and end date of both types of employment.

Duties: List the main duties and responsibilities handled by the employee during the tenure of employment. Include any significant milestones and achievements. The default is to list out the duties and responsibilities of the current or last held position. If the certificate mentions all the designations under the company position, break up this section and list the job duties under each position.

Annual Income: Include the last drawn salary, providing a detailed break up of take home pay and deductions.

Status: Indicate whether the employee is presently working at the time of issuing of certificate, or whether the certificate is the one customarily given to all employees who leave. If the employee has left the job, state reasons for leaving. Possible reasons include resignation, termination, loss of lien, or anything else.

Eligible for employment: A general recommendation of whether the candidate is in good standing or not. This section is optional.

Make sure to issue this certificate on the company letterhead, and include the date of issue. The authorized signatory is the CEO or anyone authorized by the CEO to issue such certificate, usually the head of Human Resources.

The example of certificate of employment notwithstanding, a good certificate requires customization to suit the company’s special requirement.

The issuance of an employment certificate goes far beyond providing an employee with a record of the employment with the company. A good and professionally crafted certificate makes for a good reflection on the company’s image with employees, other companies, and consultants who would see the certificate.


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