Top 10 Employee Morale Boosters: Ideas to Boost Morale With Little Investment

Top 10 Employee Morale Boosters: Ideas to Boost Morale With Little Investment
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Simple Ideas for Employee Motivation

One of the key competitive advantages of a business organization is a highly motivated workforce. However, employee motivation is not a factor of monetary incentives alone. There are a number of employee morale boosters that can help to build the enthusiasm and commitment of employees at the workplace. Such thoughtful efforts can enhance employee loyalty towards the organization and lead to an overall increase in productivity over a period of time. A list of 10 great ideas is provided below.

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1. Express Gratitude and Give a Pat on the Back

A little thank-you note does not cost a penny, and it can work wonders for the morale of an employee. A small pat on the back can serve as an excellent encouragement sometimes. It is easy to ignore such small gestures in a high-pressure work environment, but they can make a crucial difference to employee motivation.

2. Micro-engage with Key Employees and Meet them Often

One of the most effective employee morale boosters is micro-engagement with key employees. This can take the form of one-to-one meetings, or meeting in small, personalized groups. This makes the employee feel important, and at the same time, it improves the communication between the boss and the key employees.

3. Offer Flexitime or Compressed Work Weeks

A business organization that cares for its employees’ work-life balance will earn a greater loyalty of its employees. One of the best employee motivators can be a flexitime work environment, that provides sufficient flexibility to the employees to maintain a healthy balance between their work and family life. Similarly, a compressed work week can create a win-win situation for the employees and the organization.

4. Invest in Training and Development

When the business organization is emerging from a decline phase or a recession, employee re-training and development can help to boost the sagging employee morale. This is a strong incentive for career oriented employees who are keen to upgrade their skills and knowledge. It can be a mutually beneficial proposition to have competent employees who are trained in the latest techniques and skill sets.

5. Allocate Projects of Choice

As far as possible, the managers can try to allocate projects or assignments according to the interest of the employees. This eliminates monotony at work, and allows the employee to perform a job he truly loves and enjoys. It takes a thoughtful manager to care for his subordinates in this manner, and enhance the enthusiasm and efficiency of his team.

6. Organize Parties and Days Out

Sometimes the boss can throw a surprise party for his staff, or organize a day-out for them as a recognition for good team performance. The employees perceive such gestures very positively, and it helps to establish a humane touch in the organization, that is so important for the employees.

7. Organize Informal Award Ceremonies and Confer Titles

A thoughtful manager or team leader will be able to find time to recognize every achievement of an employee. An interesting way to do it can be to hold informal award ceremonies periodically. Employees can be recognized with titles such as “Employee of the Month”, “Most Helpful Employee”, “Best Team Player”, “Top Salesperson of the Year” and so on. It can serve as excellent motivator, and propel the employee to keep up his performance or to do even better.

8. Use Team Approach instead of Hierarchies

Too many hierarchies at a micro level can only lead to interpersonal conflicts and poor work satisfaction among the employees. Therefore, a team approach where everyone is a key member of the team, helps to maintain a high employee morale at all times. It engenders a sense of belonging and importance among all those who are part of the team.

9. Encourage Participation in New Projects

The manager can seek ideas of employees on new projects, and encourage them to participate in new areas where the employee feels he may be able to contribute. This not only brings out hidden talents, but also serves as a strong motivator for employees who feel they can contribute more meaningfully to the organization.

10. Give Thoughtful Incentives

Sometimes, it is a good idea to give small non-monetary incentives to employees which can make a big difference. If the manager knows a major forthcoming movie or a concert is generating interest among his team members, he may arrange free tickets as an incentive. These are inexpensive incentives that can have a more positive impact than cash incentives sometimes.

Win-Win Situation for All

Thoughtful employee morale boosters creates a win-win situation for everyone in the organization. The employee gains a sense of recognition and importance, and the company gains in terms of higher motivation levels and improved productivity.