A Review of the HP Touchsmart TX2 Lightweight Laptop

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The Next in the Series

HP released an earlier touchscreen computer and used the same technology on the laptop that was released at the same time. This version of the HP Touchsmart is even better than the earlier version as it gets more and more sensitive to the touch. At each touch of the screen, the applications open and your finger acts as a mouse to work any program. This technology is the future in your hands today as the sensitivity of these computers will only get better. While it won’t replace the keyboard or mouse entirely, it will speed up the user’s ability to surf the net and edit papers.

Limitations and Concerns

One of the first concerns with any touchscreen activity is how fingerprints will affect the cleanliness and clarity of the screen. HP addressed this problem by selling a microfiber cloth which can be used periodically to clean it quite effectively. The cloth is reusable and doesn’t requre any special cleaning fluid to work well.

Another concern is how accurate touch is to the screen. This is a problem because tiny touchpoints are difficult to hit accurately. The result: several programs can open after a fnger hits an area where several program icons are clustered together. Also, when working with a written document, touching the screen was not very practical for effective editing. For these tiny details, a stylus is available to enable the user to be more accurate. And as might be expected, long fingernails help improve accuracy as well.

Present and Future Users

Salespeople were surprised to find that the Touchsmart TX2 is a favorite with realtors. It makes sense considering that the unit is both lightweight and thin, plus easy use. There also is a “wow” factor when working with clients who see the touchscreen manipulation of data. None of that makes a difference, though, if the computer doesn’t perform. The ultimate test of the worth of the Touchsmart TX2 is whether or not customers are bringing the machines back to the stores with complaints. The machines have not been getting returned. Another harbinger of its reliability: HP’s technical website does not have article after article noting problems with the machine.

The future for this technology is very exciting. Children excel at using hands on technology; they would love the ease and speed of the touchscreen. The sheer number of uses for this laptop is mindboggling. Schools, students, engineers, contractors all would find the mobility of this lightweight computer very appealing. Imagine composing music, and literally being able to pick a note up with your finger and move it. Or think about someone using their finger to “draw” a building.

The Touchsmart TX2 is only a preview of exciting changes in how we use our computers. For today, though, this laptop is truly a winner for the professional or student on the move.