Work Management and Productivity Software Review of IDidWork

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When you work from home, logging work productivity can be a real issue. Whether you’re working for yourself, for an organization, or for a client, being able to show what you accomplished is valuable. That’s what can do for your home office productivity.


Some Features of IDidWork

  • IDidWork Home Office Productivity - Online tool

    It is free to sign-up as a worker/employee. It costs $5/month for managers or clients to use.

  • May be used with co-workers’ work logs via feeds - This is useful for tracking each other’s jobs and accomplishments.

  • Ability to send a copy of your work log report to yourself and/or your manager/client. They may come on specific days of the week, either in PDF or Excel format.

  • Your manager or client can send you feedback, comments, or reviews.

  • Each item on the work log may be tagged, for organisation purposes. Adding the amount of time spent on each task is also possible.

  • When a task is tagged as ‘ToDo’, it will be automatically added to a ‘To Do List’. Items in this list may be edited, deleted, or marked as completed accordingly.

  • For important items, you can add a star marker to highlight them.

  • There’s a built-in analyze function for graphing tasks based on different points of interest.

Top 5 Features of IDidWork

  1. It’s free to use for workers and employees, so there’s no cost to track your own productivity.
  2. It’s quick and easy to sign-up for an account. It takes less than a minute to get started.
  3. It has a very simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to log work and to do tasks.
  4. The reporting and analysis functions are very useful.
  5. Being able to integrate your account with fellow workers (great for teams/collaborations) is also a handy feature.

Overall Rating of IDidWork (3 out of 5)

For a simple virtual work productivity tool, IDidWork is definitely a great one to try. It is a basic but useful way to get things done in your home office.

If IDidWork can be integrated with a desktop tool, a calendar tool and/or a general productivity tool, this will make this application even more powerful. However, as it stands, it’s still worth looking in to if you’re looking for a similar solution for your workplace.

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