A Review of 30Boxes Online Calendar Tool

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A Thumb’s Up!

I give 30Boxes a thumb’s up! Here’s why:

Events Scheduling (4 out of 5)

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Events scheduling is easy. You can create daily, weekly, and monthly events and configure reminders. Here’s an example: for the daily Monday morning meeting at 9:00 am, you enter the data and save it, so you can have an ongoing record. You then mark the event as a weekly one. Common examples of monthly repeats for the home business owner are budgeting, direct marketing, and public relations while common yearly repeating events would be annual conference meetings, annual performance reviewing, and business plan reviewing.

A home business owner may need to adjust the dates slightly. This may help with basic business practices and exploring advanced business opportunities such as obtaining a business partner or seeking additional funding for expansion.

Effective Coloring (5 out of 5)

Coloring tags can act as guideline for the home business owner. An owner can color a single event to measure the importance of the event. The color red tends to represent a call to action so a business owner may want to tag the weekly staff meeting red to stress the date. Also, the color blue tends to create a sense of calmness so the owner can tag his/her the weekly filling of paperwork as a less stressful event.

Sharing with Employees or Partners (4 out of 5)

30Boxes allows a user to share his/her calendar. Under the Share menu, you can choose “Add Buddy” and enter an e-mail address to choose a sharing option. You may share all, parts, or none of your calendar events. For example, two business partners who are not located nearby and sharing a specific project may need to know the best days to schedule client meetings.

This works if the business partner uses 30Boxes and you would be able to view his/her calendar. You go to the Buddy page by clicking the name in the View menu or from Settings>Buddies. Choose the “Ask Permission” from the Share section and once you have permission you can view the partner’s calendar.

Adding Web Options (5 out of 5)

30Boxes allows you to create a central location to track and share updates. One can go to the My Settings link located on the top right of the screen and select Web Stuff. Some types of web stuff are flickr (for pictures), MySpace (for business and social networking), a personal blog which can be converted to a business blog.

As a business owner, it is important to maintain strong connections with your audience and when people find pictures and words about a business it creates a sense of connection and loyalty which equals more business.

For additional information, please visit the 30Boxes Website and read the Bright Hub article, Best Open Source Programs for the Home Office User.

Screenshot by author courtesy of 30Boxes.com.