Facts About the Newer QuickBooks QBi

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QuickBooks QBi is quite different than the older versions of QuickBooks, such as QuickBooks 2005. To familiarize yourself with the newer version of QuickBooks QBi, you will need to open a company file.

To do so, go to the top of the QuickBooks page, and click the file icon. Move down and press “Open or Restore Company”.

This will cause a popup window to open that will allow you to choose, “Open a Company File.” Then click “Start.”

This will open a window showing all the company files listed on your hard drive, select a pre-made template file, and then press Enter. The QuickBooks QBi software will then take you back to the homepage. Use the homepage to manage all the tasks and financial areas of your home business.

You can view the differences in the newer versions of QuickBooks QBi by spending time looking at the various tasks as they are organized on the home page. To properly understand how quicken is organized, spend time browsing the different options that are listed. It is possible to see how QuickBooks QBi organizes each task into different sections such as Banking, Employees, or Company information.

Another difference between the newer versions of QuickBooks and the older versions is how the toolbars in QuickBooks has been organized. The navigation bar is where most QuickBooks users will spend most of their time.

One remarkable inclusion in the QuickBooks QBi area is the Customer, Supplies and Employee Centers. Some home businesses do hire independent contractors, and the “Employee Center” is perfect for inputting this information. The “Customer Center” is one area that will allow you to see all of your customer transactions with in just a few short clicks.

For example, if you wanted to look at all your Suppliers, this is easy within the new QuickBooks QBi version,

Go to the top of the home page and on the navigation bar, click the “Suppliers” tab.

Press the drop-down menu to view all “Active Suppliers.” A list of all Active Suppliers should now be shown within the left hand part of the Suppliers window, with their company address and other contact information on the right hand side.

Go to the top of the home page and on the navigation bar, select the “Customers” tab. This is another feature that has been improved within the newer versions of QuickBooks. All of the billing and delivery information is right at your fingertips without having to search for it. Therefore, for the home office user, QuickBooks QBi can help shorten the time you do business!