How to Achieve Home Office Job Enrichment

How to Achieve Home Office Job Enrichment
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What is Job Enrichment?

Many people will speak about how having job enrichments can make employees perform better. But what is job enrichment? Essentially, job enrichment is the motivation that employees feel when given variety and more responsibilities in their work environments and positions. This can be accomplished by giving employees praise for their work, giving them more responsibilities that indicate that a supervisor or manager thinks the employee can handle them, job rotations that allow for variety in the environment, providing additional learning and skill opportunities, and matching an employee with a job that fits the skills at which they excel.

This is all well and good for someone who works in a corporate office, but what about those that work odd hours at home? Home office workers can experience home office job enrichment just as their corporate counterparts do.

Home Office Job Enrichment

When an employee is happy with her employment situation, she is more likely to not only stay with the company, but also is likelier to be more productive with the work that is given to her. Workers who work from home don’t have the same type of enrichment that a big business or corporation would offer…

Or do they?

Actually, the same types of job enrichment that someone who works in an office can apply to

someone who works in a home office. The only difference is that the person doing the enrichment is you. Unlike our office-working friends, home office workers do not necessarily have someone over them telling them what to do - which was one of the reasons they now work from home - so it may seem as though the home office worker would not be able to find that job enrichment. Here are ways to achieve job enrichment as a home office employee.


The one important path to job enrichment is making sure that employees are doing what they enjoy, what excites them, appeals to their interests and motivates them. As a home office worker, you have already reached that point. Most likely, your home business is something that you started because of a passionate interest in or you turned your hobby into a business. You are motivated by doing something that you love (hopefully!) and it is something you enjoy doing every day.


There is nothing wrong with praising yourself. Just as a co-worker or supervisor would praise an employee for a job well done on a project, you should praise yourself. If you just finished a big project that brought praise from a client or you reached a certain milestone (like having 1,000 clients or doing $1,000 of business in a set amount of time), you should pat yourself on the back and go celebrate. Invite family and friends to share the news with them and you will get actual praise from people who love you.


As a home office worker, you may have a bit more flexibility than that of your office worker counterparts. Depending on the home office business you run, try rotating your job roles. For instance, if you freelance in a particular area, try rotating the types of jobs that you do. If you normally write articles, try blogging for a month. If you normally work in web design, try designing something fun. In addition, as a home office worker you do not actually have to stay at home. Try working somewhere else for a few days, like a coffee shop or library. Technology has allowed for phone forwarding as well, so you can still take calls from home on your cell.

It can be difficult being a home office worker, especially if it is just you and no other staff. However, you can benefit from job enrichment. In fact, by being self-employed you are experiencing job enrichment every day by doing what you love and sometimes with the people you love (or strongly like).

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