How to Choose the Right Furniture for Small Home Office Settings

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Small Home Office Settings
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If you want to work from home, you will need a small home office. It does not have to be big or fanciful; it has to meet your needs. So your first step will be to think about your needs. Do you need a place for your laptop or computer? Do you need storage room? How much and what do you need to store? Does it have to be close to your workplace or can it be across the room? Do you need a place to write into your notebook? Do you need a printer and a scanner? Will you receive clients? Do you need a fax machine and a telephone close by?

When you have answered the questions above, you will have a good overview. Now let us get into detail.

Your Workplace

If you only need a place for your laptop, a small, rather high table and chair will be enough furniture. For small home office areas, you only need enough to make yourself comfortable. Maybe you even have a place for a second small table next to your laptop table where you can put your cup of coffee while working. It would lessen the risk of pouring coffee onto your precious laptop.

If, however, you need more space–for example, because you have a printer and a scanner as well–you should get yourself a good desk. Make sure it is robust and can support some weight. You do not want to risk its collapse while your laptop, printer, and scanner are on it.

Whenever you need a place for handwriting or putting down heavy dictionaries or other books as well as a place for your computer or laptop, the best solution is to take two desks and put them at a right angle to each other. The disadvantage: You need a lot of room for this.

Receiving Clients?

When your business includes visits from clients, you do not only need a workplace but also an office for your business activities. That can be a small room at the front of your apartment and does not have to be fancy. It should have a friendly and professional atmosphere, though.

A desk is a must when you want to receive clients in your home office. Situate it opposite the door if possible so that you look at the door while working. Your desk should be big enough to host your work stuff as well as to leave some space for your client’s stuff. Again, two desks set at an angle would be the best solution. Your laptop or computer could be placed on one desk while you can leave the other desk free for your clients.

Choosing the Right Chair

Of course, you (and your clients) have to sit somewhere. If you only need a small laptop table, you could possibly sit on the couch while

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working. As soon as you need a desk, however, you need a good and comfortable chair. My best piece of advice is: Go to a furniture store and try out several chairs. Keep in mind that you will probably be sitting in it for most part of your day.

For your clients, one or two simple chairs will do. They should certainly not be uncomfortable but you need not be as careful as when choosing your own chair.


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