Tips and Ideas on How to Advertise a Home-Based Business

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It has taken you months, maybe even years, to get that dream business of yours up and running. You have everything in place - you have the idea, you have the budget for spending, perhaps you hired some family and friends to help get started. You even have a home office of which a corporation would be proud. The only thing left to do is find the people that are looking for your services and let them know you are there to meet their needs. Learn how to advertise a home-based business.

Taking it to the People

Advertising is an important aspect of bringing people to a business or company. In fact, huge amounts of money are spent on advertising daily just to be sure a company has its name out there. Advertising is everywhere: online, offline, in stores, on the corner, on t-shirts, on TV, etc. This is because it is important for a business to get its name out to the public. They need to inform consumers who they are and what products or services they offer.

Home-based businesses may not be able to take the same steps that big corporations do. Home businesses can easily fail because too much money was spent on marketing and not enough on supply or not enough marketing was done, thus no new customers appeared. The trick with advertising a home-based business is to determine which media you want to employ, as well as much exposure you want.


The most important thing about advertising a home-based business is make sure you are doing so within the confines of your business’s budget. If you have not established a budget for your home business, you should. This will allow you to determine how much you can spend on supplies, as well as the intake you receive from your business.

You must make allowances for advertising in your budget. By factoring in the price of advertising - no matter which avenue of media you decide - you will be able to factor how of your budget you will need to set aside.

Types of Media Exposure

There are different ways to use the media to let people know you are in business, from radio, TV, to online advertising.

  1. Choose how you want to advertise - knowing how you want to advertise your home-based business will help determine how much you will be spending. Newspapers usually charge by words, radio and TV charge by time and online advertising is usually monthly. Pick one with which to start and monitor how well it does to bring people in to your business over a certain amount of time. Compare and contrast your selections. If you use newspaper advertising for the month of April, online advertising for the month of May and then radio advertising for June, which one brought in more customers to you? Go with the medium that shows the most benefits.
  2. Do both online and offline advertising - Some businesses just stick to one arena for marketing, such as just doing online advertising or only using offline advertising. The key is to do both. For a home-based business, you may want to print out flyers and hang them around your neighborhood. Enlist friends and family to spread the word of your business.
  3. Get a Website - For online advertising, make an online presence by building a website. It does not have to be grandiose, just something that tells about what your business offers and how to get in contact with you. As more people are brought together by the Internet, a website gives you the opportunity of informing people from other cities, states and even other countries about your business.

Once you know your budget and have determined which forms of advertising work best, you will be able to get busy building your home-based business.