Home Office Design Pictures: Three Ideas for Home Office Layout

Home Office Design Pictures: Three Ideas for Home Office Layout
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Postmodern home office design involves inserting office space into ordinary home space. Several trends have made it so home offices don’t have to be as big. Online references have mostly replaced the home library. Copiers, fax machines and printers are small enough to fit on a desktop. Even if you have enough space to dedicate a whole room to an office, you might not have enough office items to fill it! You may find yourself using the other half of the room for storage, ironing, working out, sewing or other hobbies.

Home Office Design Pictures

Media Office

Clerical Office and Gym

Clerical Office Close Up

Living Room Office Close Up

Minimalist Living Room Office Design

When you want to be near family activity and yet keep a tidy living room you might like the minimalist living room home office design. This works when most of your work is on the computer and you don’t need to access a copier, fax machine, printer or reference library.

You can turn the office chair when you want to converse or watch TV with the family, and turn it back to your desk during the commercials. When no one else is around you can put your feet up on the arm of the sofa. Alternatively, recline in the armchair with the computer on your lap.

A desk with a small footprint and an overhead storage area lets you have everything you need at your fingertips, but hidden. A cupboard-style end table could even store your fax-scanner-printer when company comes over.

Media Home Office Design

The media home office is designed for you if you often need to scan, print, fax or access reference books or other gadgets. Plug your notebook computer in here and you are good to go all day. A nearby surface with a placemat lets you work through meals. A large desktop allows all the other gadgets you might need to be within reach as well–radios, battery chargers, phone, headset with microphone, larger monitor or speakers. A bookshelf or two nearby should fit all your reference books. Drawers and desk organizers hold the minimal paperwork you still have to have these days, such as contracts and shipping orders. Keep an Ottoman under your desk so you can put your feet up.

If you have small children at home, put their playpen behind you.

Clerical Home Office Design

The clerical home office is designed for paying and filing bills and invoices the old fashioned way. You might also like this design if you keep paper client or investigation files. A rolltop desk with cubby holes and lots of small drawers organizes your envelopes, stamps, stickers, file folders, hole punch, paper, pens, pencils, sharpener and what have you. You can close it up for a quick way to tidy the room. You can even plop your laptop computer on it if you choose to pay bills online or enter them into personal finance accounting software. Use magnets and the side of a metal file cabinet as a convenient bulletin board. The rest of the room is free for your gym equipment.