Best 10 Reasons for Commuting: The New Work Life

Best 10 Reasons for Commuting:  The New Work Life
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The practice of working from home for a business or a corporation by making use of communications devices like telephones, mobile phones, fax machines, and computers is called “telecommuting”. With homes being more digitally equipped for communications with the development of faster, cheaper, and more efficient hardware and software, telecommuting is becoming more popular. People who engage in telecommuting have various reasons for doing so. The following are the top 10 reasons for telecommuting and short descriptions why they are so popular.

1. Increased Productivity

With employees being more comfortable in their homes and with the elimination of commuting time and preparation time to go to work, productivity is increased. Of course, employees need to put some effort into fighting off distractions at home like family, friends, and entertainment systems. But generally, an employee working from home gets more things done faster.

2. Flexibility in the Workplace

By working from home, employees get the chance to eat whenever they want, multitask, wear anything they want to wear, and be with their family or friends. Sometimes, they even get the chance to pick what time they start working.

3. Decreased Sick Leave

When they are sick, employees can still get some work done because they can work right in their bedrooms or living rooms. In normal working conditions, the flu will prevent employees from going to work. In telecommuting, the flu can’t stop the employee from being productive. This benefits both the employer and the employee.

4. Reduced Office Space Needs

The employer doesn’t need to get a big office space even if the company has a hundred or more employees. The company just needs an adequate space for a few core employees. This saves money while still getting results from its employees.

5. Less Traffic

Employees do not contribute to daily traffic by commuting to and from work. This also benefits the environment because there will be less pollution. Stress is also decreased by eliminating the need for employees to go through traffic congestion every day.

6. Less Expenses

By working from home, employees eliminate the need to spend on food and commuting. People who buy work clothes regularly will find themselves buying lesser and lesser new clothes by telecommuting. Parking fees are also eliminated for people with cars.

7. Happier Employees

Being at home, employees are more relaxed and closer to family and friends. They are happier to be in a more comfortable environment than in a restrictive office environment. Happier employees tend to be more productive and they become less likely to quit their jobs.

8. Family Ties

Letting their families or friends be exposed to their line of work can help employees develop better relationships with their family members. The usual conflicts between work and family life are decreased because the family is more familiar with the emloyee’s work.

9. Larger Recruiting Pool

For employers, telecommuting gives them the opportunity to hire employees that they would not be able to hire in a normal working environment simply because some of them are too far away. With a bigger recruiting pool, employers now have more choices in acquiring new employees as well as better chances in hiring more skilled and talented employees.

10. Freedom

Having greater control over his daily schedule, the employee experiences more freedom while still having work responsibilities.

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