Home Business Opportunity: Hosting Photo Storage and How to Get Started

Home Business Opportunity: Hosting Photo Storage and How to Get Started
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Help Keep Memories Preserved

One of the most precious possessions a person can own is their photos. Photos are used to document all of life’s important events from birth to marriage. Why not help people preserve their memories with a hosting photo storage business? The greatest thing about pursuing a home business opportunity hosting photo storage is that you are in control of your rates and potential for growth.

The way a hosting photo storage business makes money is by the membership fees a customer pays. You can set you membership fee as high as you want it to be, but you do not want to make your membership fee too high. If your membership fee is too high, customers are going to go to another business that will not put as big of a dent in their wallet.

How to Get Things Started

As with any home business opportunity, hosting photo storage requires a starting investment. Good software is never cheap. Research states that most customers are going to expect their photos to be stored on a Dual Pentium Server. Before beginning your business, be sure that you can afford to shell out the cash for a good server as well as a good computer with Internet connection.

With a photo hosting storage business it may be a good idea to look into employees. If you do not have expert knowledge of servers and computers, you may want to hire an employee that is computer literate to be around when servers crash. Another reason to hire employees is customers expect 24/7 tech support. If you are unable to sit by the computer all day every day you may want to invest into hiring someone to take your place.

Getting Your Business Off the Ground

  1. Purchase or lease company servers. Do your research on your best options for obtaining a server. As we live in a tech savvy age people are going to expect on the best when they trust their photos with you.
  2. Consider office space. The more servers you have, the more space it will take up. Research suggests that it is a good idea to rent a storage space for housing your servers. If you don’t purchase an outside space from your home your house will be over taken by servers as your business grows.
  3. Register your company name. You will want to make sure the Government is aware of your new business. If you fail to let the Government know about your business you can be held responsible for fines when it comes to taxes later on.
  4. Get a bandwidth provider. With purchasing your own servers, you will need a bandwidth provider to run a line to the server through a router to provide the bandwidth to your site.
  5. Set up your website. With starting a hosting photo website business, your website needs to be spectacular. The extra work that you put into your website the more customers you are going to draw in. Adding a few photo editing abilities to your website can give you extra advertising abilities. Make sure that you add the ability for your customers to pay for their subscription on your website. Be sure to let your customer have the ability to pay for their subscription with PayPal, their Bank Account, or a Credit Card.
  6. Advertising is your friend. Be sure not to skip time on advertising. Being that your business is Internet based your biggest tool to advertise is going to be the Internet. Submit your websites url to Yahoo, Google, and Bing so your website can be included in search results. Other advertising ways are newspapers, business cards, and fliers.

A Final Note

When it comes to a home business opportunity, hosting photo storage will be time consuming. Be sure that if you want to take a venture into starting your own photo hosting website that you have the money to invest in all the proper equipment and the help that you will need. If you put the time and money in your business to make it the best image hosting site you are sure to have a rewarding career that you can continue through a lifetime.


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