How do Different Conditions Impact Productivity?

How do Different Conditions Impact Productivity?
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There are many conditions that impact productivity. A couple of issues include health and office conditions. Although hard to quantify, each of these are represented in lack of productivity.

Absenteeism is easy to quantify thanks to payroll records. With modern heath risk assessments, the ability to project the effect on productivity gives the employer a new tool for various absenteeism issues. Presenteeism, when the employee is present at the job but has other responsibilities or family issues that keep them from being fully engaged in their work, is harder to quantify but possibly more detrimental to the productivity of the employee. These issues related to health can (and do) significantly effect productivity.

Office Conditions

Various office conditions also play their part in productivity. In a study by Blumberg Capital Partners, where workers were basically asked, how do different conditions impact productivity?, The answer included the fact that some interesting office conditions seemed to affect the productivity of employees. It makes sense that a workers attitude about their environment can make them more (or less) productive. In fact, sixty-nine percent of those polled confirmed that the condition of their office building did affect their own productivity and motivation.

At the top of the list is office temperature. Being unable to control the temperature that makes the worker comfortable is a common complaint. Anything that preoccupies the mind of the worker is bound to affect their productivity. Adding to the list of common conditions that have an impact on productivity are amenities offered, outdated furniture, smell, and worker to worker crime.

Scents and Temps

Each of these conditions has a significant impact on productivity. Ways to combat these issues without getting carried away begins with communication. Temperature, for instance can be adjusted to a majority rules temperature and compensated for by allowing the employee to dress according to the temperature in the office, or providing personal fans or space heaters.

It is commonly believed that certain scents evoke specific responses. Some of the more common associations are: Pine increases alertness, Cinnamon improves focus, lavender relaxes, Peppermint perks you up Citrus’s awaken you.

The trick is to bring your work to a new level without offending others. Different people have different reactions to certain smells and some may be very sensitive to the scents you are trying out. Be sure to minimize overpowering your staff, one way to do this is to add the scent to a cotton ball and keep it close to you.


Why Does it Matter?

From furniture to security, these issues are important to control at the home office level. As your business grows and prospers you will need to keep them in mind when you transition to a commercial office.

Whether you are working alone and need ideas to keep yourself productive or working with independent contractors or employees, you need to always have your end goal in mind. Constantly implement changes to get you to that goal. Keeping your workers safe, comfortable, and happy will take you closer to the success you strive for.


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