Effective Transformational Leadership Activities Tips and Ideas

Effective Transformational Leadership Activities Tips and Ideas
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Transformational Leadership

In transformational leadership, the leader inspires and motivates employee or coworkers to a higher moral level, resulting in commitment in achieving a goal through charisma, the promise of change, initiative, creativity and development. A good transformational leader uses their skills, characteristics and behaviors to motivate others in achieving one vision while fostering camaraderie and team work. Here are some recommended transformational leadership activities that a leader can use to motivate their subordinates or coworkers.

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Group Sharing

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This is one of the very basic transformational leadership activities. Team members sit around and share their feelings and ideas about a certain topic or range of topics. In transformational leadership, the leader motivates their members by fostering an environment where everyone is comfortable in sharing their feelings and emotions. Sharing of ideas and emotions about a certain topic is great way for a team to break the ice and feel comfortable with each other. This will inspire an environment where ideas and emotions are shared freely. This also shows the members that the leader cares about what they think and feel, giving them more motivation in following the leader in their vision.

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This activity involves on a member or a small subgroup of the team leading a seminar about their ideas and proposals in achieving a specific goal to increase productivity as a team. This will allow members to express their ideas better and in a more formal manner. Letting members be expressive and eloquent is a good characteristic of a transformational leader. This fosters different views of one goal in a group environment. Individuals or small groups can take turns in giving seminars. These seminars may also focus on topics not related to work like culture and religion. These seminars may be optionally attended by other members, giving the entire group the freedom to have individual beliefs and preferences while still comfortable having a single goal.

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Letting members write down their reflections on the direction of the group or company is going is a great way to have them focus on the group’s goal. Journaling is a great way for individuals to stumble upon ideas that may not easily pop out during normal interactions with coworkers or leaders. Reflection gives individuals a way to think about their goals and motivate themselves at the same time. The ideas that come up while members are journaling may be brought up in regular journal sharing sessions where members are encouraged to share what they have written.

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Community Outreach

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The leader can empower their members or co-workers by having them do some community work like giving out relief goods, helping in medical missions and conducting educational activities to less fortunate people. This activity gives the group a sense of meaning. It gives them the idea that they can achieve fulfilling and great things when they work together. Giving back to the community gives the group a sense of bringing forth change, something that they are now motivated to experience again in their work.

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Sports and Party Games

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Sports activities and party games are great ways to successfully keep the morale of a group up. One thing about transformational leadership is that it tends to remove factions within the group or company, making everyone work together for the same goal. Pitting subgroups in sports games will make members work with other members they normally would not have the chance to interact with in the workplace. Healthy competition is also encouraged in a transformational leadership environment.

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