Advice for Meeting Reminders and Time Management

Advice for Meeting Reminders and Time Management
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Too many workers and managers rely on their memory for appointments and meetings, instead of using meeting reminders. Time management skills that are effective incorporate tools and practices that remind you of those meetings, so that you don’t fail to show up. Without them, you will miss a meeting here and there, or arrive late. It’s a poor reflection on your work ethics, and if the time comes where your boss has to let go of people, you may be on the list for that reason.

Match Meeting Reminders System to Your Job Situation

If you’re a mechanic who doesn’t have access to a computer all day, it doesn’t make much sense to have meeting reminders sent to your email. Likewise, if you’re always on the computer, it doesn’t make sense to write down appointments in a day planner that you’ll forget to check periodically throughout the day. Meeting reminders and time management tools you use have to match your work habits for them to work. Otherwise, you’ll get frustrated and resume what you did before, which is not effective.

Email Reminders

Take advantage of the fact that you check your email frequently throughout the day. Use it to send yourself meeting reminders. Meeting reminders and time management doesn’t have to be complicated, if you maximize the tools you already use. Here are some tips for using email for meeting reminders:

  • Create an email draft and schedule it to be sent 30 and 10 minutes before the meeting
  • Send yourself an email the night before, or at the close of your work day prior to the meeting
  • Leave emails with your meeting reminders open so that you see it every time you go to check email

Your email client may also have a calendar function, and meeting reminders can pop up 10 or 15 minutes prior to the start of a meeting.


Use a calendar to write down appointments if you don’t have access to a computer. The trick is to have it in a place where you’ll remember to check it. You could leave it on your car seat, so that you’re forced to look at it on the way to work each day. Keeping a calendar is a traditional method used for meeting reminders, but time management habits are what you need to develop to use a calendar effectively.

Reminder Software

Try using a reminder software for meeting reminders. Time management software applications may be much more than you need, but a reminder software program is easy to use. For example, Actual Reminder is a program that you can use to receive audio reminders of meetings. It also changes the wallpaper on your desktop to remind you of your next appointment.

You have little excuse to miss another appointment or arrive late, because you can use any of these tools and methods for meeting reminders. Time management is a reflection of your character, and you don’t want it tarnished with a bad reputation of not showing up.