Telecommuting Keys to Success - How to Survive as a Telecommuter

Telecommuting Keys to Success - How to Survive as a Telecommuter
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Be a Problem Solver

Being a good problem solver is a very important part of telecommuting. When you work at home or in another remote location, you may not always be given as much “first hand” guidance as you’d like. In a typical location based job setting there is someone there to show you how to do something, should you need assistance. When telecommuting, you can still seek out help, but the amount of help that can be given is very limited. If you are the type of person that learns best by example, no one will ever be able to show you exactly what they are looking for. Instead, your best asset will be the telephone, where you can talk to your boss, manager, or other employees, which may be able to answer any or all questions that you have.

Keys to Success:

  • Before you start a new project, assignment, or other specific job request, ask for as many details as possible relating to the particular assignment. It’s better to ask questions before starting a new assignment than constantly ask questions throughout the assignment. Your boss or manager will come to appreciate this in the long run.
  • Review all documents and any other information that you have been given before asking for assistance. We all get confused, so it’s quite understanding that you may need to have some information elaborated on. However, your boss doesn’t have time to answer questions that he/she has already answered, through the documentation that he/she just gave you.
  • Be resourceful. Because you are working from a remote location, you need to be able to solve minor problems that may arise yourself. Use the Internet, use books, and more.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is an obvious but important telecommuting key to success. The more organized you are the better. Staying organized can make many telecommuting situations less stressful, and telecommuting jobs can be very stressful at times. Might as well make it as easy as possible.

Keys to Success:

  • Organize by date. Working from home or other non specific job locations can be very distracting. Should you need to shift priorities, knowing where you left off is always a good asset to have. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Back up your work. The majority of telecommuting jobs out there require at least some computer use. The feeling of doing a lot of work and then having to start over (because you didn’t backup) is definitely not fun. A good backup system will be easy to use and allow you to recover your documents with little time wasted. A backup system is only efficient if it works quickly.

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The telecommuting keys to success mentioned above are only a few recommendations for anyone starting a telecommuting job. Time management, consistent work schedule, and having an efficient workplace are equally important. Telecommuting jobs are awesome in that they give you more freedom in your schedule. However, they also require a higher amount of responsibility and will power, in most cases.

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