Learn about 3 Legitimate Home Based Jobs for Mothers

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Home based job opportunities- are they real or not?

The Internet is full of companies that promise to provide legitimate home based jobs for mothers, but too many can’t deliver the goods. More than a few savvy Internet marketers have taken advantage of moms who only want the chance to add to or provide their household income, while raising their children. As a result, some moms have felt discouraged, given up and returned to work outside of the home. If you’re wondering what to do, here are 3 home based jobs for mothers to consider:

1. Translators

One job sector that continues to grow is in the area of translation. Working as a translator is an excellent home based job for mothers who are bilingual. Beyond knowing how to hold a conversation in a foreign language, you must have:

  • A college degree (in most cases)
  • Translating experience (although individuals and smaller companies are willing to train and work with new translators)
  • The ability to write well in English

Some companies require you to take and pass a translation test to confirm your proficiency and skills. To find work, sign up for a membership on www.elance.com, and bid on jobs. There are companies like the European Captioning Institute that broker freelance translation services to clients, so that you don’t have to bid to find work.

2. Virtual Assistant

You could launch your own virtual assistant practice, or you can work as a freelancer. Companies hire virtual assistants directly, or seek the services of an outsourcing company, such as easyvirtualassistant. It’s a legitimate home based job for mothers who have experience in customer service, marketing, project management or administrative support. You’ll need:

  • Reliable telephone and Internet access
  • Certification (some agencies may require it)
  • Some years of higher education (college degree not required)

The duties and responsibilities of a virtual assistant are varied, because there are so many ways to support a small business. Overall, you must be able to help the clients you’re working with succeed by taking on the administrative and other tasks that they delegate to you.

3. Proofreaders

Put your editing skills to work and earn a living from home as a freelance proofreader. Whether it’s book manuscripts, articles, catalogs or web page content, there’s a demand for a second set of eyes for written content of all types. You must be a master at correcting spelling and grammar in order to apply for proofreading jobs. You’ll also need:

  • To pay attention to details
  • Great communication and organizational skills
  • AMA style experience

Companies post jobs for freelance proofreaders on job boards, such as freelancewritingigs. www.freelancewritingigs.com. When looking for proofreading or any home based jobs for mothers, find a popular website that posts legitimate opportunities in your industry.

Avoid scams by pursuing these 3 legitimate home based jobs for mothers. These are proven ways to make money working at home.