How to Avoid Google Home Business Kit Scams and Recover Your Losses

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What is the Google Home Business Kit Scam?

The Google Home Business Kit advertises a way to make thousands a month by posting links on Google. Users supposedly receive anywhere from $5 to $30 for each link they successfully post on Google. You don’t have to promote the links and no one needs to buy anything through the links, but somehow you magically get paid for just an hour or two of link posting each week.

The advertisements for the Google Home Business Kit provide anyone interested with rave reviews from satisfied customers. Though the kit seems like a sure thing, there is a small catch – you must first purchase the Google Home Business Kit through the ad you’re viewing. The kit price varies, with some charging shipping only and others charging a supposedly nominal fee for the kit and offering free shipping. The price typically ranges from $9.95 up to $39.95, though some may sell the kit for more.

The sad truth is that the only people who ever see a dime from the Google Home Business Kit are the ones who sell it. Once someone purchases the cheap kit, the real scam begins. Within the fine print, a monthly fee is listed. Most buyers don’t realize what’s happening until monthly charges begin appearing on their credit cards. The fee varies but can range upwards to $70 or more. But the Google Home Business Kit scam doesn’t stop here. On top of the kit fees, your credit card information is often charged for other services you’ve never even heard of.

Though the Google Home Business Kit seems like a sure fire way to get rich quick online, the kit is a major scam and is in no way affiliated with Google. The only things you’ll ever receive from this scam are a major headache and a dent in your bank account.

Recognizing the Scam

The most common form of the Google Home Business Kit scam is in the form of a “flog” or fake blog. These blogs are one long continuous post describing the kit and providing fake reviews. At the bottom are details about how much the kit should cost and then a limited time only offer to receive the kit at a fraction of the cost.

The second form is through ads posted on work from home sites. The ads seem legitimate simply because you trust the site itself. However, most websites charge advertisers to post ads on their sites. Unless the ad itself is offensive, most websites will just be glad to receive the advertiser’s fee. The website isn’t responsible for the content of the ad.

The third form is through email, though this form isn’t quite as common. Many times the email talks about Google Adsense, which is legitimate. This leads you to click on the link provided in the email, which leads to a flog.

Information for Victims

The sooner you realize you’ve been taken, the sooner you can cut your losses. If you realize the Google Home Business Kit is a scam within the first month, you can contact your bank or credit card company and have the charges stopped. This will prevent any future charges and you may be able to revoke any charges made during the first month. Charges made to your credit or debit card through a scam can be immediately stopped. Simply provide all details of the amount, where you purchased the kit and any other bogus charges that have appeared on your statement to the customer service representative you talk to.

You may be responsible for any charges already made, depending on who your account is with. However, future charges can be permanently stopped. If you encounter any problems, cancel the card completely and request a new card number.

Real Opportunities

All the information supposedly provided within the Google Home Business Kit can be found by researching legal affiliate programs. These programs provide you with income when visitors to your website or blog click on the affiliate links. Depending on the program, you may be paid per click or per purchase through your link. The cost to join these programs is free, with no kits to buy. Always remember that you don’t have to pay to work. Real online opportunities are available. Just remember that if it looks too good or too easy to be true, it probably is.

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