Highest Rated Work from Home Programs - Finding the Legit Opportunities

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Scams Are a Dime a Dozen when Working from Home

When working from home, or looking for a great work at home program, beware of scams. Work at home scams don’t just waste your time - they waste your money as well. Beware of any program that:

  • Promises you overnight success or riches
  • Promises you will make money without having to work
  • Charges a large sum up front
  • Cuts you a check for over the agreed upon amount and asks you to transfer the extra monies to a third account
  • Asks you to send chain letters or stuff envelopes
  • Sounds too good to be true - it most likely is, and it could be a scam
  • Pays a low sum of money for a large sum of work (While not a scam, it can be difficult to break free from this cycle)

What Are the Features of a Top Work at Home Program?

Not every work at home program, however, is a scam. In fact, there are some very good work at home programs out there, you just need to do some homework to find them. Advice given in another Bright Hub article describing finding good work at home opportunities includes joining a forum of like-minded individuals and learning what programs they recommend. The features of a top work at home program include:

  • A legitimate business plan
  • On file with BBB (Better Business Bureau) with no complaints - be wary of new companies and companies with few reviews. While this doesn’t mean that it’s a scam, it just means you want to do a little more research before signing up.
  • The company or program is not listed on Ripoff Report.
  • The company or program does not ask for money up front.
  • The company or program is clear as to what your tasks will be or how you will be paid, when you will be paid, or how much you will be paid for your work.
  • The company or program provides you with training (if necessary) and keeps their end of the bargain (materials, payment schedule, communication schedule, etc.).
  • The company comes highly recommended from many people who have performed work for them.

What Are the Highest Rated Work From Home Programs?

Work at home programs that have received high ratings from those who have done work for the business include:

  • Affiliate programs - There are many different affiliate programs out there - Amazon Associates is only one. Affiliate programs pay a particular percentage of the sale of a product to you if you mention the product on your blog or website, followed by a specific code.
  • Customer Service - Many companies hire work at homers to fulfill their customer service needs.
  • Corporations - Many large corporations will hire work at home associates to complete contract work or remote work.
  • Web Site Promotions - Various websites, such as Bright Hub, Demand Studios, and others will pay writers to create quality content for publication.
  • Call Centers - Call centers are always needing workers to fill in and direct people’s questions and calls
  • LiveOps - LiveOps is a website dedicated towards helping at home workers make money in a variety of fields.
  • Working Solutions - another website devoted to helping put at home workers in touch with jobs as agents.
  • JetBlue Reservations Crew - JetBlue (yes, the airline company) uses work at home agents to help with reservations.

Finally, note again that no legitimate company will ask you for money upfront.