How Can I Print Business Cards from Home for Free Without Having a Telltale Logo on the Back?

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Mind the Small Print!

Printing business cards from home comes with some common pitfalls that accompany these freebie offers. These are generally disclosed in the fine print offered by business card software packages or websites that promise to print business cards for free. For example, in some cases the actual design is free but if the entrepreneur wants to download the finished product for at-home printing, s/he may have to pay a onetime fee.

At other times the “print from home” option may carry a price tag but the free business card maker website offers to print and ship the cards – for a nominal fee – to the entrepreneur. A great service, to say the least; but it is one that loses a lot of its appeal when the business turns over the card and finds the logo for the printer that also advertises cheap or free designs and cards.

Free Resources


Parents already know PrintFree as the site for the last minute printable children’s birthday card. For the entrepreneur in a hurry, the lack of copious choices is a godsend; simply choose between two formats – business card templates for perforated paper and those that will be printed on regular cardstock – and then specify the color. Options are black, red, blue, green and a mix. The downside is the plain nature of the design; business cards do not show any graphics but only text.


The entrepreneur who wants to print business cards from home has many more options at this site. Once again the initial choice is whether the cards will be formatted on blank or on perforated paper specifically designed for this use. Next comes inputting the business information and entering a slogan (if desired), the entrepreneur chooses a style and logo. After picking out a background and fonts, the cards may be previewed and saved on the user’s computer.

While there are virtually only upsides with these free business card designs, the apparent downside is the creativity of the entrepreneur. A review of cards posted by other business owners shows that many of the neat designs drown out the print on the cards, which renders them hard to read.

Microsoft Office Online

The entrepreneur with the Microsoft Office suite of programs may utilize community-submitted templates that work with common pre-formatted pages, such as Avery 8871. This makes it possible to preview real business card, gauge their effectiveness, print glossy business cards – if desired – and also create photo business cards without worrying about formatting errors.

Other templates are provided courtesy of Hewlett-Packard or Word. The advantage of this site is obvious: consumer-submitted templates take the guesswork out of card design and save the entrepreneur plenty of time by providing a WYSIWYG approach.

Another option for printing unique business cards with the home computer is via downloadable card maker software. Free business card software makes it possible. For the entrepreneur who does not even want to search the Internet for free business card maker software but nevertheless wants uniqueness, the obvious choice is Adobe Photoshop to create your own business cards.”