Find Out How to Draw Org Charts With Microsoft Excel

Find Out How to Draw Org Charts With Microsoft Excel
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Strategy: The Org Chart utility is located in the Insert – Diagram selection on the menu and also on the Add Diagram icon on the Drawing toolbar, as shown in Fig. 1445.

In the Diagram Gallery, select Org Chart, as shown in Fig. 1446.

As shown in Fig. 1447, Excel will draw a default Org Chart with three branches below a main branch. Click in any box to change the text.

The chart can be expanded. Select one of the boxes in the diagram, as shown in Fig. 1448. With the first click, the text box will be selected and it will be surrounded with diagonal lines. With the second click, the box itself will be selected.

Tip You can replace the two single clicks with a Ctrl+Click.

After you have selected a box, you can insert one of three types of new boxes from the dropdown box on the Organization Chart toolbar: Subordinate, Coworker, and Assistant. See Fig. 1449.

This chart has three subordinates and one assistant added to each VP.

The chart is starting to get fairly wide, as shown in Fig. 1450.

Select one of the VP boxes. As shown in Fig. 1451, from the Layout dropdown, choose to have Left Hanging boxes for the subordinates.

The subordinates and assistant for that VP will be arranged vertically, as shown in Fig. 1452.

As shown in Fig. 1453, select the AutoFormat button on the Organization Chart toolbar.

You have 16 different formats to choose from, as shown in Fig. 1454.

You can also create your own formats. Select the VP of Manufacturing. From the toolbar, choose Select – Branch, as shown in Fig. 1455.

This will select the entire Manufacturing branch. You can now use the fill icon on the Drawing toolbar to change the color of that branch, as shown in Fig. 1456.

While a branch is selected, you can use the Font Size and Name dropdowns on the Formatting toolbar to change the font of the selected boxes.

Summary: You can use Excel to draw fairly complex organizational charts.

Commands Discussed: Insert – Diagram – Org Chart

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Fig. 1445

Fig. 1446

Fig. 1447

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Fig. 1449

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Fig. 1451

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