Microsoft Excel Help: Delete Pictures in Pasted Data

Microsoft Excel Help: Delete Pictures in Pasted Data
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As shown in Fig. 1327, this check icon shows up as an annoying image in your Excel workbook. How can you delete all of these images in one step? (Click any image below for a larger view.)

Strategy: There is a tool in the Drawing toolbar that allows you to select all images in a rectangular area.

  1. To display the Drawing toolbar, select View – Toolbars – Drawing. On the left side of the Drawing toolbar is a white arrow, as shown in Fig. 1328. This is called the Select Objects tool.

  2. Choose the Select Objects tool. When you are in Select Objects mode, the white arrow will have a blue square around it, as shown in Fig. 1328.

  3. Using the mouse, start highlighting above and to the left of the first cell with the check icon. Drag down and to the right to highlight all of the cells with the check icons. As shown in Fig. 1329, all of thedrawing objects in the rectangle will be selected.

  4. Hit the Delete key on the keyboard to delete all of the selected objects at once.

Gotcha: You have to remember to turn off the Select Objects mode by choosing the white arrow in the Drawing toolbar again. It is very annoying to try to select cells and have the mouse not respond to clicking when you forget to turn the white arrow off.

Summary: Use the Drawing toolbar to select all images in a rectangular range.

Commands Discussed: View – Toolbars – Drawing


Fig. 1327

Fig. 1328

Fig. 1329

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