Find Out How to Double Underline a Grand Total in Microsoft Excel

Find Out How to Double Underline a Grand Total in Microsoft Excel
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Problem: Your boss is a CPA. He says you should double underline the grand total in a report. As the results show in Fig. 1287, you only have an underline icon on the Formatting toolbar. So, what do you do now?

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Strategy: Select the Grand Total cell. From the menu, select Format – Cells – Font. In the Underline dropdown, choose double or double accounting. The cell will have a double underline, as shown in Fig. 1288.

Alternatively (and this also works in Excel 2007 and 2010), you can right-click on the cell in question and choose Format Cells. Go to the Font tab and select the appropriate option from the Underline drop down list. Click OK to return to your spreadsheet.

Fig. 1288

Summary: You can add a double underline to a number, but you have to use the Font tab of the Format Cells dialog.

Commands Discussed: Format – Cells – Font – Underline

Quick Tip: If you need to double underline several values, you can just perform this sequence once. Then, you can copy that cell and paste the format only to other cells on your spreadsheet.

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