Excel Help - Learn How to Leave Notes With Cell Comments

Excel Help - Learn How to Leave Notes With Cell Comments
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Strategy: Use a cell comment. In addition to 16.7 million cells on a worksheet, you can also store a comment for every cell. Typically, cell comments show up as a red triangle in the corner of the cell. Hover the mouse over the cell and the comment will appear.

  1. Select the cell where you want to add the comment. From the menu, select Insert – Comment. A comment box appears with your name in bold on line 1, as shown in Fig. 1147.

  2. Type a comment, as shown in Fig. 1148.

  3. Click the mouse outside the comment box to complete the entry of the comment. Only a red triangle remains in the cell to indicate the presence of a comment there, as shown in Fig. 1149.

When you hover your mousepointer over the cell with the red triangle, your comment box will pop up like a tooltip, as shown in Fig. 1150.

Additional Details: To delete a comment, right-click the cell and choose Delete Comment. To edit a comment, right-click the cell and choose Edit Comment.

The above information is based on the assumption that you are using the default settings for comments. There are additional settings available on the View tab of the Tools – Options dialog. On this tab, you cansuppress the appearance of the red comment indicator or force all comments to be shown at all times, as shown in Fig. 1151.

Gotcha: If you have a comment in a row above the freeze panes line, you will notice a bug. The comment will appear normally if you have scrolled the worksheet to the top, as shown in Fig. 1152.

However, if you have scrolled down to other pages in the worksheet, the comment is truncated, as shown in Fig. 1153.

Summary: Adding comments to a cell is a great way to leave notes for yourself to help you remember something about a formula later.

Commands Discussed: Insert – Comment

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Fig. 1147

Fig. 1148

Fig. 1149

Fig. 1150

Fig. 1151

Fig. 1152

Fig. 1153