Home Office Design Ideas

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Planning the Design

In order to plan the design for your home office you need to know what purpose your home office will serve. Will you have clients in your office for meetings? Will your home office be a part of another room in your home? Will you keep your office organized and tidy or let papers pile up? How you will use your office will determine the entire design plan. It would be best if you can use a spare room, closet or attic space for your home office. Somewhere where you can shut the door and be alone in your office will work best. The desk is often the biggest part of your office so pick out the desk first and then start designing around it.

5: Inspirational Office

An inspirational office will suit you if you like to be motivated, or need to be motivated. An inspirational design will include paintings, posters, quotational daily calendars, and office accessories that help to inspire and motivate you. If you are a writer you might find photos of your favorite authors inspirational. If you are a photographer you might find your favorite photographs hanging in your office inspirational. Choose accessories and decorations that help inspire and motivate you! A themed home office makes a great inspirational space to work in.

4: Stress Free Office

A tranquil home office can help you stay stress free while you work. You could have a corner dedicated to meditation with a cushion, meditation triangle or gong, and candles. Add a bamboo plant and a beautiful fountain to your desk for reduced stress. If you can add a fish tank to your office that will help keep you stress free as well.

3: Techie Office

A techie office works well for computer programmers, web designers, consultants, and anyone else who has a passion for technology. Use metal or chrome finishes in your home office furntire for the best techie look and feel. Add some high tech accessories and equipment.

2: Classy Office

Classy and minimalistic works best for perfectionists. Keep your home office simple. Try a beautiful old fashioned chair, elegant chairs for guests, and a secretaries desk from the 50’s. Keep things gorgeous with appealing colors and designs. The classy office will work well for anyone, but especially with graphic designers, photographers and artists.

1: Creative Office

This office idea is for the creative people in business. Use storage for magazines and newspapers, task lighting, a drafting table, and an easel. You should also have a corner set aside for reading space. The creative office works well for writers, scrapbookers, embroiderers, and anyone else in the business of creativity.