Press Release Tracking with Google Alerts

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Track Publicity Success with Google Alerts

How can you tell if your online publicity efforts are effective? Once you start submitting online press releases to promote your home business, you’ll want to keep track of how much publicity you are able to generate for your company and where the information that you send out is published. The Google alerts tool is a free online service that allows you to receive email notifications when information about your business is published on the Internet.

Wht is Google Alerts

Google alerts is a free service that allows Internet users to request email notifications for phrases that they are interested in tracking. It’s a good idea to set up an alert for your company name and other key phrases that may appear in publicity related to your business. It is an outstanding way to find out when your company’s name and other terms of interest show up in current Google search results. In addition to using this resource to keep track of online publicity success, you can also set up alerts to keep you informed about the publicity and Internet marketing efforts of your competitors, customers, and other organizations of interest to you.

Setting Up a Google Alert

To set up a Google alert, simply visit and create an alert for each search term that you are interested in receiving a notification about. If you are entering phrases with multiple words, be sure to place quotation marks at the beginning and ending of the phrase. This will ensure that you receive notifications when something is published online with the entire phrase, rather than every individual word within the phrase.

Determine Frequency

Once you have entered the phrase, or phrases, that you want to receive alerts about, you’ll need to specify the frequency with which you want to receive email updates. You can choose to receive daily or weekly notification, or you can request to be notified on an “as it happens” basis. If you are tracking breaking news or a significant promotional campaign, you may want to receive instant notifications, but in most situations daily or weekly notices are sufficient.

Receive Notifications

Once you have set up the Google alerts that you’d like to receive, you’ll start receiving notifications whenever the phrases you have chosen index in relevant Google search results, You’ll receive an email notification that lists the phrase you requested the alert about, along with a short excerpt and link to the website where the phrase was published. When you receive a notice with your company’s name in it, you can click through to find out exactly what was said about the organization and where it was published. There’s no easier way to keep up with your online press release success!



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