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Call Center Agent Positions

Call Center Agent positions are becoming more common in the growing telecommuting industry. It is much easier to commute to the office when it’s in your home. Some of the companies that house these positions hire agents to work as direct employees for the company, while other companies choose to offer contracts. You do have options when it comes to choosing the call center agent opportunity that fits you.

What Duties Might a Work from Home Call Center Agent Perform?

Call center agents provide customer service to both happy and unhappy customers. These agents handle outbound and inbound calls, however, most are inbound. In some cases it can be necessary to provide product knowledge and make sales. Communicating via email, doing billing, and assisting with some marketing efforts may be expected of you too. You also may need to place orders over the phone and track lost packages. These types of positions require multi-tasking and duties vary depending on what type of company you work for. You could even be assigned to a certain team of call center agents.

What is an Example of what a typical Day can be like for these Agents?

Although call center agents have the luxury of working from home, many still follow schedules. These schedules can be self-made schedules, or those provided by the company. It is a good idea to start the day out right by completing the tasks you’d do if you were heading to an office via car or bus. This includes showering, eating, and dressing, among other things. Once you are seated, you may get set up by placing your headset in front of you, logging in to your computer, logging in the system to clock in, and pulling up any necessary software programs. You begin taking your calls and continue to take these calls.

What Technology or Software is usually required to Work from Home as a Call Center Agent?

Companies that have call center agents who work from home use software to examine the computers of prospective agents. This occurs prior to getting hired. If a certain amount of RAM is required for the position the software is able to do a check. Other things that you may need are Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Internet Explorer, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Technology varies from one company to the next though, but you’ll get a list of what you need. If you work in collections and sales related call center positions, automatic dialing systems may be used too. Some agents are able to record their time worked by clocking in and out on a company server.

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