Slim Timer, Brain Bench, Google Alert, Free Internet Window Washer

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Slim Timer

Slim Timer allows you to track the time you spend working. Once you register for a free account, a small window will pop-up on your screen. From this screen you can input various tasks that you want to track time for. When you are ready to begin work, locate the task on your Slim Timer and click it one time. The red bar at the top of the screen will turn from red to green, signifying that it is keeping time. When you have finished the task, simply click on it again to stop the timer. From the Slim Timer homepage, you can run reports detailing the amount of time you have worked on each task.

Slim Timer is perfect for the home office worker who is interested in knowing how much time they spend performing tasks. It is also useful for home office workers who invoice customers based on time spent on the job. You can download Slim Timer for free at

Google Alert

Google Alert can email you the latest news and information about your business. Simply register for your free account at their website and enter search terms you want the system to notify you of. As soon as anything is posted online about the search terms you are interested in, Google Alert will send you an email.

This tool is useful for not only keeping up-to-date on what’s happening within your business, but it can help you locate requests for proposals, keep an eye on your competition, and even know when someone has posted about your business. Google Alert tool can be accessed for free at

Free Internet Window Washer

The Free Internet Window Washer will protect your privacy from others who may use your computer, and even some websites. When you use the Internet, information such as browser history, cache files, cookies, typed URLs, auto-complete information, and more are stored on your computer, potentially putting the privacy of your business at risk.

The Free Internet Window Washer works by wiping away any signs of Internet use as well as application activity and works with multiple browsers. You can download the Free Internet Window Washer at PCWorld.


Brainbench offers individuals and businesses assessment products that used for training and evaluation. Many of the assessment products on this site do cost money, however, they also offer a number of lessons and tests, including Quickbooks, Adobe Photoshop, typing skills, and more. Simply register at the site for free and go to their free tests page.

Brainbench is useful for learning new skills or brushing up on ones you already have. The site can also be used for training purposes if you were interested in hiring an employee or assistant. You can register for your free Brainbench account at