how to Set up a Home Freelance Writing Business Office

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A career in freelance writing is one that people choose because they love to write; it is their passion. Turning a passion into a career is the best way to work. As a freelance writer you own your own business and can work from home. You may know about some of the basic things you will need in a home office set up. This article will focus solely on how to set up your home office for your freelance writing career.

Getting Started

Assuming you have nothing for a home office yet you will first need to set a budget. This article will help you with the things you will need for freelance writing and the best way to set up a home office for a freelance writing career. Your budget will depend on how long you want to take and how much you can save for a freelance writing home office. For freelance writing you will need a reliable computer, a desk, a printer, a bookcase, and office supplies. These things could cost up to $2,000 or more depending on what you choose to buy. Set your budget for at least $2,000 and start saving for your freelance writing home office. When you have enough it is time to go shopping!

Home Office

If you have a spare room or a room that you can use to create a home office for freelance writing than you are lucky. Start cleaning it out to set up your stuff. If you don’t have a spare room you can use a corner or portion of another room such as your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Make sure you will have enough room for everything and that you will feel comfortable working there.

Computer for Writers

Laptops are great for writers because you can travel with it. You can take your laptop to a local cafe, the library, and practically anywhere for a change of scenery. A laptop is also a good choice because it is usually less expensive than a desktop computer. This HP Laptop is just under $700, but you could go with a mini laptop for much less such as this one for under $300. A laptop is recommended and a mini laptop will do just fine for a career in freelance writing. Use a Black Armor to back up your work safely and securely.

Desks for Writers

Desks for writing careers should have a large working space and plenty of compartments. The Bush Stanford Computer Desk is great. It has a large working space, two drawers, a shelf, drop down front, and concealed wire access. If you want more storage space you should get a hutch to store more office supplies, but this is optional. If you need a corner desk you should consider the Studio A Tower Desk. Find a desk that will work best for your office space and your budget. Just remember that as a freelance writer you will want drawers, compartments and shelves, as well as a good space to work on.

Printer for Writers

Printers for writers should be simple yet versatile. You don’t need a photo printer if you will be printing articles and research. You’ll just need a good printer. You can get an all in one printer, which includes a copier, fax machine and scanner such as this Brother all in one printer. If you want to start out with a regular printer try this HP printer. Again, find one that fits your budget and your chosen desk.

Bookcases for Writers

A bookcase for a freelance writer’s home office should be simple yet sturdy. This Dolce bookcase is a tier bookcase meaning it gets smaller towards the top. It’s open on all sides so it is easy to clean. It has four shelves and is affordable at under $100. This one is recommended.

Home Office for Freelance Writers

Setting up a home office for freelance writing is easy once you know what you will need. There are some office supplies you will need to keep handy such as pens, paper, envelopes, stamps, and accessories for your desk. Now comes the really hard work!