Zero Dollar A Month Phone Bills

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Anyone who runs a home office knows the horrible truth about just how much running a home office can really cost. When you run a home office it can be tempting to cut costs in order to make ends meet. Some of the ways that you can cut costs will in the end do harm to your business. There are other ways, however, that you can cut your costs without damaging your business. One thing that you can do is to cut your phone bill down to zero. I know that it sounds like a come on but there is a way to do this that does not mean that you have to resort to stealing from someone elses line or calling everybody collect.

Your Tools for Free Calls

Tool 1: Use a service to make all of your landline services free by using Voip.

Many Voip services may have gone to a paid model but there is a device, known as Ooma that will allow your normal landline phone to run on Voip with only the services of the Ooma box and your router. The box costs about 250 dollars to buy as a 1 time outlay but once your phone number has been ported you will have fee services.

Tool 2: Use a free web based service to do audio and video conferencing.

This may actually be a feature upgrade to the capabilities that you have at present. If you download a program that will give you audio and video conference capabilities, like Brosix and with a simple webcam or headset you can be ready to talking to dozens of people at the same time.

Of course, there are, no doubt, other options that will allow you to save money on your phone bills, but these two in combination, Ooma for a landline phone number and Brosix for your audio and video conferencing needs then you can take your phone bill down to zero in no time at all. Enjoy your free phone service so that you can get your bills down and make your home office costs a thing of the past. You just might find that you feel smarter than your friends.