Tips for Working at Home

Tips for Working at Home
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Discovering how to make money working at home can be a dream come true for some. There are some pitfalls to avoid if you want to be successful.

Busting the Myth and Staying Focused

Some who work outside of the home may look at my tirade in part 1 and say, “Yeah, you have it so rough!” (as they roll their eyes into the back of their head). I know that most of what I listed is my own fault and stems from the situation. My “office” is not really an office, but a studio that opens directly into our living room. So when I am trying to make money working at home, I am right there in the thick of things. When the kids are playing video games or yelling for a snack, I am in ear shot. The computer is right here, out in the open, and no matter where I am I can here that darn “ding” telling me “You’ve got mail!” Tip number 1, it helps if your office has a door that you can close!

Keeping the phone close at hand will keep you from running around to look for the handset whenever the phone rings. We also own a phone that allows me to check messages from the handset which is a great feature. If someone calls and I don’t want to answer it right then, I can check the message from the handset and don’t have to listen to the machine beep. Then, I can call back when I want to take a break. This goes the same for everything when considering how to make money working at home. Keeping things nearby prevents you from constantly getting up to look for things and keeps the work flowing.

As far as running errands when you should be working, that just takes a little discipline. Try and get enough of the staples like milk and bread when you do your weekly shopping trip so that you do not have to run out mid-week. An occasional mid-week emergency run is often unavoidable, but with a little planning you can make these trips less often.

For those uninvited visitors at the front door, politely explain that you are trying to make money working at home, thank them for stopping by, and tell them to have a nice day. Hopefully they will get the hint and move along.

Life does often get in the way. Your kids will need you, they will be loud at times while you are working (that’s what headphones are for). Only you know your schedule and how much work needs to be done. Compromise with your kids and ask them to give you 30 minutes of uninterrupted work and then you can play a board game together. It helps when your family and friends truly understand that you do work when you are at the computer and that it is important that you meet deadlines. Communicating these facts is essential to you keeping your sanity.

As far as the food calling from the kitchen….well, that just takes old fashioned will power (of which I have none!). Keeping healthier snacks around will at least keep those trips to the kitchen from adding to the waistline.


If you want to make money working at home, do consider it a wonderful opportunity, but it is not for everyone. It does take a certain level of organization and self-discipline to pull it off. It may take awhile to see where your weaknesses are and just what changes you need to make to be more productive in your job. In a perfect situation, you will be able to keep your work hours constant and establish set free time. However, working nights and weekends comes with the territory. It is all about balance.