How to Get a 60-Day Free Trial of Microsoft Office Groove 2007

How to Get a 60-Day Free Trial of Microsoft Office Groove 2007
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Most people are familiar with the core applications that ship with Microsoft Office 2007. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are among the most popular applications in the world. However, some versions of Microsoft Office ship with lesser-known applications such as Access, Publisher, Outlook, and several others. Some application are only available in certain releases of Office such as the Professional or Home and Student versions. Groove 2007 is a newer and, therefore, lesser-known application that you should consider taking a look at if you have a need for collaboration software. This article explores the free trial version of Groove 2007 and gives information about where to learn about the program that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite of productivity software.

If you just took another look at your list of Microsoft Office applications from your Office 2007 Suite and don’t see Groove 2007 collaboration software, don’t be too surprised. If you go to the Office 2007 comparison chart you can see that the only Office Suite that includes Groove 2007 is the Ultimate edition. You can work with the Volume Licensing folks for an Enterprise Office version that allows you to manage your Groove licenses as part of the suite. But what if you don’t have an Ultimate Edition and don’t have volume licensing ability? Well don’t let that stop you from getting started with Groove.

Microsoft offers a free download with a 60-day trial. During this 60 days, you can run the product normally and after that time the product will run with reduced functionality. With this limited functionality you won’t be able to create new workspaces or invite others into your workspace, but it will still function. If you decide you want to purchase it, you can purchase Groove and a 12 month subscription to the servers and services (which are online) for, at the time of this writing, $79.

To learn more about Groove 2007, how to purchase Groove, features of Groove and so forth, check out the Groove Homepage. There, you will learn about the application’s features and more about the 60-day free trial download discussed above. For even more information, learn about the top 10 benefits of Groove 2007 from the Microsoft website.

As of this writing, only the Office 2007 Ultimate edition ships with Groove 2007. Therefore, the free trial may be your only option to try out the software and see if it is right for you. Of course, Groove 2007 can be purchased separately but it is generally cheaper to buy it within one of Microsoft Office’s larger packages.

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