Best Gifts for Moms Who Work From Home

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1. Massage Sessions

Most moms who work at home tend to end up with aching backs, usually from spending hours at the computer. Giving her a gift certificate for a 30 minute or 60 minute massage could be just the treat she’s been waiting for.

2. Organizers

What home office couldn’t be more organized? Today, there are tons of different types of organizers which can be used to help keep things in better order and that can make your work at home mom a lot more productive. Just be sure to toss in a little something extra – like one of the other gifts on this list – so she can have a little fun with her newly found free time.

3. Tickets to a Show

The biggest problem for most work at homes is being home all of the time. Get her tickets to a show, a concert, a sporting event, or whatever activity you think she would enjoy. This will give her a great reason to leave her home office and enjoy the outside world for at least a couple of hours.

4. Gift Certificates to Favorite Food Delivery Restaurant

For a mom working at home, one of the biggest distractions of the day could be making lunch. Cut out the hassle and give her some gift certificates so she could order pizza, Chinese, or whatever else she wants from a delivery place. That way she can keep chugging through her work while also enjoying a delicious meal.

5. Comfortable Desk Chair

Anyone who has ever had to work at a computer while sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair knows how unpleasant the experience can be. Plus, it can do long term damage to your back. Giving your mom the gift of an ergonomic desk chair could help make her job less painful.

6. Aromatherapy Candles (for Stress Relief)

Creating a pleasant work environment is important at home and burning some wonderful smelling candles is a great way to achieve that goal. Picking aromatherapy candles is nice because they can help reduce your mom’s stress over deadlines and workloads.

7. Bubble Bath

You can give your mom a pleasant vacation from work without booking any reservations. Purchase a bottle of high-quality, wonderfully scented bubble bath. Nothing helps someone unwind more than a hot bath full of soothing bubbles.

8. Weekend Getaway

If you have a bigger budget and want to really give your mom a gift she won’t forget, book her a weekend excursion so she can get away from the office altogether. You can find a nice nearby location where she can get some peace and quiet without having to think about clients for a change.

9. Maid Service

Just because a mom works at home, does not mean she has the free time to do all of the housework on her own. Having a maid to help with the cleaning would be a godsend to almost any mother but especially to a mom who works at home. Having a maid come in once or twice a week won’t even cost that much in most cases but it will be a priceless gift for your mom.

10. Music

If your mom loves to listen to music while she works, you can assist her by purchasing gift certificates to online music stores. She can pick the music she wants leisurely and can always have something new to listen to while she works.