91 Tips for Calculating with Microsoft Excel - Improve Your Excel Calculation Skills in No Time with These Short, Simple Tutorials

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Calculating in Excel

Want to find out some quick and easy tips for calculating in Excel? Check out these short, simple tutorials that come complete with screenshots and specific examples to help illustrate the concepts being discussed.

Learn everything from how to copy a formula that keeps certain cell references fixed to how to create a Craps Simulator in Excel and more. Also, discover valuable shortcuts that can improve productivity and literally save hours when preparing a major report, either for business or personal use.

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More Excel Tips

The Calculating with Excel series is actually Part 2 of a much larger collection of Excel tips written by Bill Jelen, also known as Mr. Excel. You may also be interested in the following groups that make up the other parts of the entire collection.

  • Part 1: The Excel Environment – The first part of Mr. Excel’s popular series takes a look at all the different ways you can customize the Excel interface, making your workflow process more productive and ultra efficient. This group of tutorials also includes printing tips and advice on how to use Excel’s automated features.

  • Part 2: Calculating with Excel – Want to learn how to take full advantage of Excel’s calculation features? Check out this set of 91 tips that cover everything from calculating multiple loan payment scenarios to playing dice games, like Craps, in Excel.

  • Part 3: Wrangling Data – Learn more about the data organization and analysis tools found in Excel, including Pivot Table tricks and What-If Analyses.

  • Part 4: Formatting Excel – You can use Excel’s formatting features for much more than just making your final spreadsheet “look good.” You can also utilize these tools to add new data to existing charts, recognize exceptions in large reports, and much more.