How to Shop for the Home Office Worker

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More Gift Ideas

  • Digital Camera

If the home office worker on your list already has a digital camera, don’t overlook this idea; if it isn’t a camera you purchase, there are lots of options for digital camera gear that also make great presents. Besides the many affordable and high-quality digital cameras now available, you can purchase additional batteries, chargers, photo printers, photo printing paper, camera bags, cds on which to store digital photos, photo editing software, and additional memory chips for the digital camera. Another option, for someone who loves to use their camera and create cards, banners, etc., out of their photos, is a credit/gift certificate to an online photo printing service. Photo printing services offer options from simple prints to custom photo books to high-quality matte prints.

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  • Tea/Coffee Collection (and Electric Mug Warmer)

Maybe it’s just an unfounded rumor, but it seems that office workers, in general, consume lots of hot, caffeinated beverages; home office workers, in particular, have access to their own coffee pot, their own favorite blend, their own creamer and sugar and their own favorite mug. So treat the home office worker on your list to a great selection of tea and/or coffee for the cold winter days that come after the holidays, when it’s back to the grind. Throw in an electric mug warmer so the drink stays hot and fresh even if they get distracted by a new email or a great new business opportunity.

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  • Batteries (Rechargeable and Regular)

The home office has to be equipped with lots of hardware, and some of that hardware is bound to need batteries to keep going. A selection of batteries, both regular and rechargeable, is a great, extremely practical gift for the home office worker. Not romantic, maybe, but certainly appreciated when the wireless mouse goes dead in the middle of a morning’s work.

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  • Emergency Kit

While we’re on the subject of practical gifts, if you really want to bless the home office worker in your life, consider putting together a whole home office emergency kit. There’s a great article you can read about how to do so, which suggests including items like batteries, cds and dvds, and printing supplies (paper and ink). You could also include basic office supplies: pens, highlighters, post-its, scratch paper, envelopes, stamps, a ruler, paper clips, and other handy office items.

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  • Massage Therapy Gift Certificate

No matter how ergonomically correct the home office set up is, some days are long and difficult and the muscles pay for it. Muscle tension can build up especially in the neck and shoulders; carpal tunnel syndrome can be a problem after hours of typing on the computer; eyes and facial muscles can become exhausted from focusing on the glare of the screen. A massage can be just the thing to help those tired muscles relax, release the knots and tension, and bring new life and energy to the home office worker on your gift list. Massage therapy certificates are usually available in any denomination, but keep in mind that the cheapest massage (a half hour) is usually around $35 to $45 dollars. Do a little yellow page flipping to find a massage therapy center in the local area.

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