Grab Attention and Sales With Your Website

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Setting up a great looking and functional website is really the first step in getting the traffic and sales that your business needs. There are a few things to think about when you are getting started.


This is what people are going to remember when they go to your website or when they want to stop by it for the first time. You need to have a good domain name and one that is going to be remembered in the long run. Your business name is going to be the easiest for your customers to think of and most businesses have this as their domain name. Think about what you will have as your end as well. The .net or .com ones are the most popular and easiest to remember but there are new ones now like. Biz and .TV that are popping up all over the place.


There are many hosts that will be glad to have your site. The problem is that some of them are very high in price and difficult to learn. A good thing to do is to see if there are hosts that will let you “test drive” a site and see how they work. A lot of hosts will let you do this so that you feel comfortable. They will probably not let your site go live, but it’s a good way to know if this is a place for you and your business.

Merchant Services

Again there are a lot of these out there, but the costs can differ widely. A place to start on your road to figuring our merchant services is probably going to be Pay pal. They offer free services for sending money to others and charge a small fee to receive money. The good thing about this company is that there is no start up fee and they help you create buttons and a cart for your site. This can help you to avoid the confusing things about most merchant services and just get the money for your products.

Designing your site can be the thing that gets most business owners. You have the domain and costs figured out and a host picked, but you still have to design the look of your site. Color can be a big part of the process because this will be what most people see while the rest of the page is loading for your site. A good idea is to pick a color that coordinates with the theme of your business. Once you have this part figured out, you can find a template to use from the Internet or the host that you are dealing with.

Once you get your website set up, you will need to make sure that you keep it updated and fresh. The best way to do this is to make sure that you let people know what products are new on the first page of your site. Try and rotate your products and photos so that the customer is not looking at the same product each time they visit. This will help them to keep coming back and buying.

There are many businesses that have done well with their website and you can too. All you need is a little planning and a little work.