How to Stream MP3 Music Files to a Wi-Fi Device

How to Stream MP3 Music Files to a Wi-Fi Device
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How would you like to take Wi-Fi devices, like a PDA or a wireless PC and let them listen to your entire MP3 collection anywhere within your home? It’s possible!

The first thing we need is the Apple iTunes player, but don’t just download the latest iTunes version. You need iTunes 6 or Firefly Media Server. For now it’s the only one that will work with the next software you will need, WiFiTunes. Make sure you download and install these two programs.

After you’ve installed them you’ll connect both PC and your PDA. So let’s start with your PC. We want to get them to communicate with each other by using what’s called and ad hoc connection.

On the bottom right hand corner of your PC you will see what looks like two pc’s overlapping each other with an x, right click on it. Then click on “Connect to a network”. Then on the bottom left hand corner you will see “Set up a connection or network” click on it. It will give you six choices the one we are interested in is the fourth one down “Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network”, as you can see in the first image. So go and double click on it and then click “Next”.

The dialog we see in image 2 appears. For the “Network name” type anything that you like. The next box below “Security type” we want “No authentication (Open)”. Click the box that says “Save this network” and then click Next. Now click Close. At this point you need to start getting your PDA ready. I’m using a HP 6300 series Windows Mobile 2003se.

Tap Start>iPAQ Wireless. Make sure your Wi-Fi is on. After that tap on Settings, click on the network name that you created earlier in setting up your connection. You’ll be asked if you if you want to connect to “The Internet” or “work”. You want to make sure it says “Work”. Tap OK. Now tap and hold on the name and then tap “Connect”. Tap OK twice and give it a few seconds.

At this point you should see the green on your PDA and the Network icon on the bottom right hand corner of your screen should be working. Open up your iTunes and we will need to adjust some settings so click on Edit>Preferences>Sharing. You will see the screen in image 3.

Tick mark the box that says “Look for shared music and “Share my music” and then make sure there is a dot in “Share selected playlist” Use this for now, you can always change it latter if you like. Then click on the desired preference like 90’s Music or My Top Rated. Make sure there’s something in the Box that say’s “Shared name” if something is there already, that is fine you can leave it. Click Ok. Now open the program called WiFiTunes on you PDA. Tap on Tools and make sure there is no check marks in the drop box. Next tap on Libraries. You should see the name of your sharing music that was from your iTunes Player. This may take a moment but you should start to see a list on your PDA of music that is from your PC. If you see the list, pick the song you like on your PDA, tap, and play. Now you have music in your home, anywhere and everywhere.


Network Name and Security Options

Sharing your music.