Consider an Example of Good Organizational Skills

Consider an Example of Good Organizational Skills
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Think About an Example of Good Organizational Skills

At some point in life, everyone finds the need to be organized. This is true whether it is for school, work, or even just for the purpose of finding things when looking for them. Sometimes people find keeping organized hard to do; not because they can’t do it, but perhaps the hectic life they lead can cause them to get a bit disorganized from time to time.

An example of good organizational skills is keeping items in an easy reachable place, so that you can find what you’re looking for when you need it. Here, we’ll look at some ways to keeping organized so that you can get what you need.

Why Organizational Skills Are Important

So why is keeping organized so important? For both students and employees, with the way that life can sometimes get away from us, anything that could help find those notes for that upcoming test or the meeting minutes for the boss the next day is certainly something to consider.

First, you’ll save time if you’re organized. Think of all the times you went searching for something and couldn’t find it. This is especially true when running a home business, when you may not have the luxury of buildings full of people just looking up things for you. Most importantly, organization keeps your stress levels down. Nothing is more frustrating than searching around for something right when you really need it and not finding it.

Examples of Organizational Skills You Can Use

  • Keeping Your Desk Clear - This is probably the easiest way of keeping yourself organized while working at home, but it also is the most difficult. A clear desk allows you to reach things when you need them, such as your phone or that pen you keep misplacing. Getting it clean, however, can be tricky–take a day in order to clear it Make piles or bins for stuff that’s important or sort of important as

    well as stuff that can be forgotten for a week.

  • Storage Bins - Picking up either a full file cabinet or just file drawers can help keep your files organized, but if you can’t afford one for the moment, try storage bins. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be color coded for what you need. For instance, if you have files that you no longer use or want to archive, use a large bin to store the documents and then put the bin away. The great thing about storage bins is that many can be bought individually and then made into a bigger cabinet.

  • Digitize - This is another easy way to keep things where you need them.Technology has grown in such a way that you don’t need to be at a computer in order to get what you need. There are several online tools, like Microsoft’s Sky Drive and Live Mesh as well as Evernote, that allow you to keep copies of files on your PC and also stored in a cloud. Many are free and can be accessed anywhere, from PC to phone to tablet. Keeping digital copies makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and keeps hard copies out of your way.

  • Get a Calendar - While a calendar may be something you already have, perhaps it’s time to get more out of it. If you are using just a

    Examples of Good Organizational Skills

    standard paper calendar or a day planner, switch or also use online calendars, like Google calendar or that of Microsoft Outlook. Online calendars have the ability to send email, texts and messages to your computer or phone so that you are constantly reminded to do something. Google, Outlook, Yahoo and others also have the ability for taking and keeping tasks like to-do lists that can not only be synced to other computers and phones but can also be shared between others.

  • Time Management/To Do Lists - Along with the calendar, you can make to-do lists. Doing this is an excellent example of good organizational skills. To-do lists can also help with time management. Managing your time effectively is good for organization too; it keeps you on task, as well as allowing you to set time aside for activities that aren’t related to work.

  • Recycle - Oftentimes when we recycle, we just throw things into the bin; but what if that coffee mug could be used for something? Home offices that also hold family may buy in bulk, so large containers of coffee or large boxes can still be used for other purposes. Have a ton of business cards? Use containers to store them in, or why not tape them all to your desk or wall, not only keeping them handy, but making a mural at the same time?

The most important example of good organizational skills is to have fun. Sometimes the best way to be organized is have some color and fun when doing so: Don’t just use an ordinary pencil holder, show your alligence to Starfleet or the Empire (take a look at There are many websites online that cater to the hidden funny man or geek girl so we can show off our talents while still being organized.


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