Making the Announcement to Clients of Job Change

Making the Announcement to Clients of Job Change
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New Opportunities

In the aftermath of the United States’ and indeed the world’s Great Recession, many businesses were met with how to go about changing their structure in order to stay in business. The same was definitely true for those employees who worried about their jobs, or those who unfortunately lost their jobs. New opportunities arise, new business ventures happen, changing the way a business is run.

While this can either be a triumph or a dismal affair for the company or its employees, there is also another group that needs to be aware of any changes. That group are the clients - those customers and consumers that buy or use a product from a company. When a company or business changes, it’s important to notify those clients of those changes, to ensure that they continue with your services or in some instances, can refer you to others can use your services.

But what types of announcements to clients of job change should be broadcast? And how do you go about making those announcements?

Announcement to Clients of a Job Change

So when would you make an announcement to clients of a job change? Clients should be notified of any big changes that happen to a company. These include:

  • Changes in contact information.
  • Changes in services.
  • Changes in personnel.
  • Changes in location.

Changes in Contact Information

Any time that there is a change in contact information for a company, the clients should be notified. This includes a change of address (either physical or mailing), change in telephone number, or even a change in the online information, such as the web address or email. This allows for clients to keep up with the company in case they need to reach someone.

How to make the announcement

Depending on how you contact your clients usually, is probably the way you should contact them about a change of information. If you have a listing of your clients home or business address or even their email address, you can send out notifications that you making changes to your contact information. Make sure to include any new information and when the change will happen.

Changes in Services

Announcing Job Changes to Clients

With technology becoming such a big investment for many businesses, some may decide to either branch out into other avenues or businesses. This may be especially true for self-employed or home businesses, combining different elements into their company. For instance, a freelance web designer might decide to include web development as part of their services.

As with the change of contact information, it’s important to notify your clients that you are now offering additional services or are discontinuing existing services. Again, depending on how you normally approach your clients is how you should make the announcement.

Changes in Personnel or Location

Sometimes internal or external changes happen within a company that change the way the business is run. This can be true when there are changes to the company’s employees or the company’s location. Changes in personnel include obtaining a new department or even a change in ownership, while locations can include anything from adding a second location to the company moving from its usual location to somewhere else, like another city or even another state.

When changes like this happens, it’s very important that clients are notified, as these may change how the client feels about the company, or if they are still able to use the company’s services. For instance, if a small business company is located in one city, but the owner moves to another city, current clients may wonder if they will be able to receive the same services if the company is split in two. Perhaps with a move, the company moves to an area in which clients are unable to receive services.

Again, your business should notify the clients of the changes. Make sure to mention the name of the new person or that of the new location; also mention how these changes came about and how they will affect the company as a whole. This helps to explain to clients what’s happening, to give them a sense that - while changes have occurred - that the service they expect will still be the same or even better with these changes in place.


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