How to Print and Save Email Messages as Files in Outlook 2007

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Need a Hard Copy?

Print messages when you need a copy for a meeting or for making notes by hand. You can quickly print a message, change printing styles before printing and do a print preview.

Note: Connect your computer to a printer and ensure it’s on before using printing options.

To print a copy of the e-mail message from the inbox, click the message to select it and click “Print” form the Standard toolbar. If you wish to preview the message before printing, select the message and “Print Preview” from the File menu.

You can change the print style while in the Print Preview window. Click “Page Setup” to change the format, paper and header/footer. The Format tab lets you change the fonts for the title and fields, and turn shading off or on. Under Paper tab, you can change the paper type and size, orientation and margins. Add or change the headers and footers on the print out by modifying the Header/Footer tab.

For an e-mail message that’s open, click the Office icon in the upper-left corner and select Print for a list of printing options.

Save an E-mail Message as a File

On occasion, you might want to save an e-mail message as a file to edit or file in your document folders outside of the mail folders. You can save e-mails as an HTML, text, Outlook template and Outlook Message files. Save an e-mail as a file with the following steps:

  1. Select the message you wish to save and select “Save As” from the File menu.
  2. Browse around the folders to where you want to save the file.
  3. Change the name of the file in File Name, if needed.
  4. Change the Save as Type, if needed.

Create a Task or Appointment from a Message

One of Outlook 2007’s newest features is the ability to quickly create To-Do items and appointments. Flagging is one way to turn an e-mail message into a follow up or a reminder. From an open message, click the Follow Up flag icon and select the follow up due time or click “Reminder” for setting a reminder. The new To-Do item appears in the To-Do Bar, Calendar and in the Task list. Note that setting a Flag doesn’t create a reminder.

Create an appointment from an e-mail message by dragging and dropping the e-mail into the correct date in the To-Do Bar’s calendar. This opens a new Appointment with the e-mail message in the body. Add or change any information and save the new appointment.

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