Print, Organize, and Save Emails in Outlook 2007

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Note: If you have multiple e-mail accounts in Outlook, you can specifically send/receive e-mail messages from one account. Click the arrow next to “Send/Receive,” select the account and click an item from its submenu. “All Accounts” is enough for those with one e-mail account in Outlook.

Set E-mail Options

You can send a plain e-mail or you can add options to better manage and create effective e-mail messages. Most of the options and settings appear in the e-mail message tabs. You can also set preferred settings in Options. Access Options from the Tools menu. You can find and change the following features and options:

  • Preferences tab: Click E-mail Options to change message handling and reply/forward handling options.
  • Mail Format tab: Change the message format and HTML formatting options. Set up Stationery and Fonts, Signatures and Editor Options.
  • Spelling tab: Set Spelling and Autocorrection options.
  • Other tab: Modify the settings for General, AutoArchive and Outlook Panes.

If you’re not sure what settings and preferences to select, experiment with the options. You can always change it back.

Organize the Inbox

You may wish to sort your inbox differently from the default setting. You can sort e-mail messages to appear in order by date, from, to, categories and other ways. To change the preference for sorting the inbox, do the following:

  1. Select Arrange By from the Options menu.
  2. Click your preference for sorting e-mail messages.

You can reverse the e-mail message sort order. For example, if you chose to arrange by date, you can sort e-mail messages from oldest to newest or newest to oldest. To switch the order, click the item in the header column. For date, click “Received” once to change it. Click it again to return to the previous state.

Do you want to organize e-mail messages by groups or turn off the option? Go back to the “Arrange By” menu and click “Show in Groups” to organize e-mails to toggle it.

Tip: An e-mail message with multiple people responding and forwarding gets long. A person may enter the conversation late in the game, which means scrolling to the bottom and reading up. Instead of scrolling down, move the mouse pointer next to the message header within the e-mail body and “First” and “Previous” or “Next” and “Last” appear.